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Youth Entrepreneurship


Confederation College

Entrepreneurship Series




Some of North Americaís most successful businesses have been started by people between the ages of 15 and 25. If you are a young person with a business idea or a desire to start your own business then this informative and practical book should be a must-read for you. Learn from the experiences of others and improve your prospects for success.



Graham Clayton (P.D Cand.) is an economist, former small business owner and educator with an extensive background in the design and teaching of post-secondary business programs both at Confederation College and in the USA, Caribbean and Ukraine. He has held a number of management positions at Confederation including Director, Centre of Entrepreneurship for the Northwest, and Director, Institute for Global Entrepreneurship and Electronic Commerce.

Bryan Mackay has been the Coordinator of the Entrepreneurship Certificate Program at Confederation College for 12 years. He has owned and operated several small businesses, and has taught a variety of entrepreneurship and business management courses both at the College and in Eastern Europe.

Jason Ozbolt (M.I.M.) is an international business specialist. As a former staffer at Confederationís Northwest Enterprise Centre, he worked on a variety of entrepreneurship programs. Jason currently works in the Career Services Department and teaches some business courses.



SECTION 1: What is an Entrepreneur?

SECTION 2: The Entrepreneur Within You

SECTION 3: What is a Product Market?

SECTION 4: Young Entrepreneurs

SECTION 5: Entrepreneur and the Individual

SECTION 6: The Business Idea

SECTION 7: Youth Business Opportunities

SECTION 8: The Damage Control Approach to Starting a New Business

SECTION 9: Basic Business Functional Areas

SECTION 10: Visualizing Your Business Operation

SECTION 11: Business Opportunity Assessment

SECTION 12: Where Do You Go From Here?




Youth Entrepreneurship Confederation College Entrepreneurship Series, 108 pages, ISBN: 978-1-55270-094-5 softcover, published in 2002; Canadian $24.95.


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