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You Can Be Rich!


Eight Easy-to-Remember Principles

You Can Use to Create Wealth and 

Achieve Financial Independence


By: Stuart Mathews


Stuart Mathews Tells You Why He Wrote This Book for You

Why did I write this book? The simple answer is that I became frustrated. There are books about investing, which are of no use, if you have nothing to invest. There are books about good money management; again, these are of no use if you earn less than ten dollars an hour. What I wanted to write about were ideas to create wealth.

This book is not a get rich quick scheme. There are enough of those on TV in the form of infomercials.

If you want a book on positive thinking that leaves you $15 poorer but gives you warm fuzzy feelings that last about a week, that’s okay…but this isn’t that book.

This book offers an introduction to practical systems of making money.

I want this book to give help to those on low or middle incomes.

For many people on a low income or subsistence income, they can manage as frugally and creatively as possible, but if they do not earn enough, they will soon discover a pie can only be divided so many ways before they realize that the pie is just not big enough.

This book contains over 20 years of close study into the subject of attaining and holding on to financial wealth.

Anyone can become rich or financially independent, but not everyone will. Becoming wealthy will depend on your willingness to identify, learn, and follow financial guidelines and principles.

Read it!You Can Be Rich!




CHAPTER 1…..Positive Thinking 

CHAPTER 2…..Goal Setting 

CHAPTER 3…..Debt Free 

CHAPTER 4…..Seek to Live Off Less Than You Make 

CHAPTER 5…..Control Your Income 

CHAPTER 6…..Multiple Forms of Income: The Path to Financial Security 

CHAPTER 7…..Business: The Best Investment 

CHAPTER 8…..Banks: The Second Best Investment 

CHAPTER 9…..Real Estate: The Best Place to Keep and Grow Money 

CHAPTER 10….Charity and Tithing 

CHAPTER 11….Begin With the End in Mind: An Exit Strategy 

CHAPTER 12….Where Do You Stand Financially? 

CHAPTER 13….The Big Apple Pie 



You Can Be Rich!  by: Stuart Mathews 174 pages, ISBN: 978-1-55270-255-0 softcover, published in 2005; Canadian $25.95 


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