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Work from Your Home Office

as an Independent Contractor


A Complete Guide to Getting Started


By: Chantelle Sauer











Home offices are becoming an important part of the new business economy. People are making decisions to stay at home to raise their children or for many other personal reasons. How does one go about working from home? This excellent book will answer that question.


An independent contractor is someone who works from his or her home or home office. Generally, the independent contractor does not require technical licenses or professional certification to conduct business from his or her home. Examples are the self-employed, consultants, entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers and outsourcers. This book will also provide you with many other ideas as to how you can become an independent contractor.


There are many questions you must ask yourself before leaving a secure paycheque to work at home. It isn't all black and white as some may think. As you will see, it takes time and dedication to work and build your business from home. It is not just a privilege to be able to stay at home while others get out of bed and fight traffic to go to work.


Many stay-at-home parents who work from home also think it is a privilege to be able to take care of their children so they neglect to take the steps to ensure their legal rights as contractors. They neglect to negotiate their contract or get payment for what they are worth. Independent contracting, as you will see in this book, is the same as owning your own business. Your profits are your profits, and your losses are your losses. Remember, you will not be receiving a regular pay cheque, since you will not be a salaried employee of someone else's business.


Both the advantages and disadvantages of working from home are discussed in this book. You will learn what it means to be an independent contractor; what your legal obligations as a contractor are, and best of all, how to become a contractor.


Your business is not the only important thing to work on. Your home also needs maintaining, but how do you juggle both jobs? Organization is the key and as you will see, it is possible to organize your life by maintaining both your personal and business life successfully.





Author, Chantelle Sauer, has spent four years as an independent contractor. She knows from first-hand experience how to get the work. She also knows how lucky she is to be able to stay at home with her children and still provide a second income for her family.


In this book, you will learn all the essentials you need to know on how to get started and how to succeed. Let Chantelle show you the way.






Definition of an Independent Contractor

Who Are Independent Contractors?

Advantages of Independent Contracting

Disadvantages of Independent Contracting


Chapter 1: Telecommuters

What Are Telecommuters?

Businesses Using Telecommuters


Chapter 2: Employees vs. Contractors

What is the Difference?

Classifying Workers as Independent Contractors or Employees



Chapter 3: Legalities of Independent Contracting

Business Name


Copyright Information

Permits, Licenses and Zoning

GST Number/Business Number


Type of Business


Who Needs WCB?


Chapter 4: Getting Down to Business

Where to Start

Get Known

Your Business Image

Your Correspondence

Pay Rate of an Independent Contractor

Getting Paid

The Extras that Count


Chapter 5: Working as Independent Contractors

Who Utilizes Independent Contractors?

Why Utilize Independent Contractors?

Working for Independent Contractors


Chapter 6: Staying Organized

Bookkeeping and Keeping Records

Contact List

Project Management

Organizing Your Computer Files

Filing Strategies

Time Management

Task Lists & Schedules


Chapter 7: Professionally Speaking

Communicating Professionally

Working with People


Chapter 8: Working from Home

Maintaining Your Home

Office Setup

How to Manage Stress

Working with Children at Home

Dressing the Part?

Keep Up the Proper Attitude



Work from Your Home as an Independent Contractor by Chantelle Sauer: 166 pages; softcover; ISBN 978-1-55270-077-8; published in 2001;  Canadian $24.95.   


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