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Welcome to the Fun World

of Computers –

Become a "Geek" in No Time!

Neat Things You Can Do When

You Buy a Computer


By Thomas P. Bun



When the uninitiated bystander encounters the personal computer for the first time, a primordial fear often arises. "This looks really complicated. I may need a Ph.D. before I can take a first step with this."


Nothing could be farther from the truth. It will be shown in these pages that the use of a personal computer may be started with great ease, and in a short time a large number of useful activities may be carried out with its aid, while spending time in a most agreeable and enjoyable way.


There is a high likelihood that several of the suggested uses of a computer will appeal to the particular interests of the reader. It can be safely promised that the actual work with the computer will bring many hours of joy and satisfaction.


Once the practical benefits of achieving good results is felt, a growing addiction to the computer usage is expected. Typewriters have practically died out as a result of the diffusion of text editors and word processors on the personal computer.


Bookstores are closing down all around us, as people discover how much easier and faster it is to order books on the Internet. The number of people making airline reservations, rental car and hotel selections, finding street addresses over the Web is increasing fast.


World statistics include computer usage statistics in their national surveys; a country that falls behind can no longer count with a leadership position.


Don't fall behind! Become part of the top of the first world - become a COMPUTER "GEEK" IN NO TIME!





Thomas P. Bún was born in Hungary. After obtaining a Degree of Engineer (Major in Urban Planning) from the Polytechnical University in Budapest, at the same time of the occupation of Hungary by the Soviet Union, he moved to Sao Paulo, Brazil. He worked there for 23 years in a variety of fields - regional development, building construction, investment banking and the establishment of the Brazilian Interplanetary Society. Later he moved to California.


Obtaining a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering (Major in Digital Systems) from Stanford University, he worked as a computer systems analyst. Then he obtained a Masters Degree in Business Administration (Major in Quantitative Methods) from the University of Santa Clara and established his own family corporation, a small software house in Silicon Valley. It achieved a sales figure in seven digits, not too bad for a company operating out of a home office.


In the last twenty years he was teaching courses in computer programming at Cañada College and Foothill College and courses in Management Science at California State University Hayward.


Now retired, he spends his time with surfing on the Web, reading, writing, stamp collecting and amateur astronomy.







I Introduction

II How to Make it Run

III Creating Text - Printing

IV Control Your Finances

V Catalogs of Photos, Disks, Videotapes

VI Producing All Your Printed Material Right at Your Desk

VII The Fax Machine And Computer

VIII All The World at Your Fingertips

IX Communicate Worldwide Instantly

X Free Telephone Calls Worldwide

XI Never Lonely Again

XII Make Money on The Web

XIII Start a New Business, Almost For Free

XIV Make Professional Presentations

XV Never Go to The Bank Again

XVI a New Life For The Photographer

XVII Edit Your Videotapes

XVIII Have Plain Fun




I What Computer to Buy

II Installing Software

III Text Editor, Word Processor

IV Spreadsheets

V Database Programs

VI Desktop Publishing

VII Five-in-One Machines

VIII The World Wide Web

IX E–Mail

X ICQ, Netmeeting

XI Chat Rooms

XII New Job Opportunities

XIII Your Own Web Site

XIV Powerpoint

XV Home Banking

XVI Photo CD, Photoshop

XVII iMOVIE, Premiere



Concluding Remarks

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Welcome to the Fun World of Computers–Become a "Geek" in No Time! Neat Things You Can Do When You Buy a Computer by Thomas P. Bun; 80 pages, ISBN: 978-1-55270-120-1 softcover; published in 2002; Canadian $19.95.


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