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Tips for Entrepreneurs

How to meet the challenges of starting 

and managing your own business

By: Henry Kyambalesa








This book is mainly a culmination of a three-year research study initiated in 1989 to discern the common problems and pitfalls in starting and managing small business enterprises, as well as many years of real-life work experiences in several kindred's businesses and other family-operated enterprises. It is intended for readers who are considering the prospect of self-employment, as well as those who are in self-employment and already experiencing the medley of realities associated with being one's own boss.


The book is essentially designed to explore the problems encountered by small business prospectors and practitioners. Specifically, the following themes constitute the content of the book: (a) the alternative ways of earning a decent living (that is, working for others, living off the proceeds of personal investments and self-employment) and their advantages and disadvantages; (b) the common problems and pitfalls in starting a small business, including tips for small business prospectors; and (c) the common problems and pitfalls in operating a small business, as well as tips for business owners.





Henry Kyambalesa has worked as a tenured lecturer in Business Administration in the School of Business at the Copperbelt University in Zambia, and has also held adjunct positions as Assistant Dean and Career Counsellor and Placement Officer in the same School. He has also worked as a salaried accountant and as an Examining Officer in Zambia's Ministry of Finance and the Department of Customs and Excise, respectively.


He earned his B.B.A., M.A., and M.B.A. degrees from the University of Zambia, University of Denver, and Oklahoma City University, respectively; he is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Management in Colorado, USA.





1. Is Self-Employment for You?

1.1 Working for Others

1.2 Other Income

1.3 Self-Employment


2. Tips for Business Prospectors

2.1 Availability of Capital

2.2 The Entrepreneurial Spirit

2.3 Necessity of Experience

2.4 Preparation for Business

2.5 Business Location

2.6 The Business Environment


3. Tips for Business Practitioners

3.1 Management Skills

3.2 Inventory Management

3.3 Extended Families

3.4 Host Communities

3.5 Conservatism

3.6 Complacent Behaviour

3.7 Nepotism

3.8 Divided Attention

3.9 Business Expansions

3.10 The Marketing Function

3.11 Financial Discipline

3.12 Business Records

3.13 Credit Arrangements

3.14 The Owner's Health

3.15 Operation Hours

3.16 Time Consciousness


4. A Final Word





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Tips for Entrepreneurs: How to meet the challenges of starting and managing your own business by Henry Kyambalesa: 194 pages softcover; ISBN 978-1-896210-85-8; published in 1998; Canadian: $26.95. 


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