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Timeless Strategies to Become 

a Successful Entrepreneur

By: Lawrence Scott Troemel











I wrote this book partially out of frustration from searching for a "how to start a business book" that was more human than mechanical. The whole idea of a textbook on how to start and grow your own business seems boring and lacking of one of the fundamental ingredients of good writing, that is, human interest. By sharing personal experiences of starting, building, and managing a small business, hopefully you can relate to my experiences or will become prepared for similar experiences of your own when you start or attempt to grow your own business.


The strategies and stories of this book should be beneficial to not only the entrepreneur just getting started, but they should also be beneficial to managers, customer service representatives, and salespeople in businesses; large and small. The advice and strategies presented in this book are tried and proven approaches that have already been successfully implemented for decades and will be viable for decades to come.


One final consideration: a book of this nature is not meant to be read like a novel that you can't put down until you finish reading. Take a chapter or two at a time to receive the most out of the positive and hopefully inspirational messages discussed. While those chapters' strategies and advice are still fresh in your memory, try implementing the techniques at work immediately. I'm confident you'll find the results beneficial to yourself and your company.





Lawrence Scott Troemel is a 1985 graduate of DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois with a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences Degree. Upon college graduation, he pursued a fifteen year sales career in the computer service and sales profession.


Troemel is presently co-owner of a computer service and sales company which was founded in 1997 with money borrowed from home equity loans. At that time it had no customers, and only five employees. It presently numbers twenty-six employees; maintains a customer base of 200 accounts and generates revenues of approximately three million annually.


Troemel remains active in all aspects of the business and dedicates the majority of his time to customer sales and service.







SECTION I - Starting Your Company

Chapter 1 - Deciding on the Type of Business

Chapter 2 - Business Vision and Company Name

Chapter 3 - Goal Setting

Chapter 4 - Seek Professional Guidance

Chapter 5 - The Business Plan

Chapter 6 - Financing


SECTION II - Surviving and Growing

Chapter 7 - Early Considerations of Surviving, Types of Employees

Chapter 8 - Early Considerations of Surviving, Customers

Chapter 9 - Common Early Problems and Solutions with Employees

Chapter 10 - Common Early Problems and Solutions with Customers

Chapter 11 - Growth Considerations for Employees

Chapter 12 - Growth Considerations for Customers


SECTION III - The Alphabet of Company Do's and Don'ts


SECTION IV - Roll with the Changes

Chapter 13 - Adjust and Readjust

Chapter 14 - Looking for New Opportunities


SECTION V - Don't Reinvent the Wheel

Chapter 15 - Improving the Wheel

Chapter 16 - Hang on to Your Improved Wheel


SECTION VI - A Second Alphabet of Do's and Don'ts


SECTION VII - Personal Considerations and Sacrifices

Chapter 17 - The Effect on Family and Friends

Chapter 18 - Be a Well-Rounded Company Owner

Chapter 19 - The Winning Attitude



Timeless Strategies to Become a Successful Entrepreneur by Lawrence Scott Troemel, 208 pages; ISBN 978-1-55270-046-4; softcover; published in 2000; Canadian $29.95.   


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