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Ingenious Ways to Preserve Your Wealth 

(and Have Fun Doing It!)


By: Adam Starchild







If you are an overtaxed Canadian, this book is for you.


No longer do you have to be amongst the "Rich and Famous" or a Columbian Drug Baron to take advantage of personal tax havens. They are now within reach of Canada's "middle class", who can generate savings of as much as half of their annual tax bill.


It's up to you to include a tax haven in your financial planning and take advantage of the many international tax savings that are available - quite legitimately and within the law.


Another good reason for considering other parts of the world is the increasing problem of individual asset protection. This becomes a major issue with professional malpractice suits, nasty divorce proceedings, together with no-fault personal liability on corporate officers and directors.


Many business or professional people can suddenly find themselves held responsible for unforseen obligations flowing from their company's environmental pollution, dissatisfied clients or a disgruntled employee, not to mention the consequences of a bank or trust failure. Added to these are sky-rocketing increases in the rates for directors' liability insurance and malpractice insurance.


This book explores the vast array of advantages available in tax havens for shrewd investors. It is up to you to take advantage of the opportunities that are available. Reading this book is your first step.





Adam Starchild is the author of over a dozen books and hundreds of magazine articles, primarily on business and finance. His articles have appeared in a wide range of publications around the world -- including Business Credit, Euromoney, Finance, The Financial Planner, International Living, Offshore Financial Review, Reason, Tax Planning International, Trusts & Estates, and many more.





CHAPTER 1 - Living Within the Law: Tax Havens for Canadians

CHAPTER 2 - What Are Tax Havens?

CHAPTER 3 - The Role of Tax Havens in Tax Planning

CHAPTER 4 - Putting Tax Havens to Work

CHAPTER 5 - Tax Haven Corporations and Trusts

CHAPTER 6 - Some Notes About Taxes

CHAPTER 7 - No-Tax Havens: Balmy Climes for Money and Man

CHAPTER 8 - Foreign-Source-Income Havens: Profits Abroad--Tax Free

CHAPTER 9 - Double-Taxation-Agreement Havens: Double Your Pleasure

CHAPTER 10 - Luxembourg: A Traditional Haven for Holding & Finance Companies

CHAPTER 11 - Liechtenstein: A Bit of Utopia in Old Europe

CHAPTER 12 - Switzerland: Money Haven But Not A Tax Haven

CHAPTER 13 - Ireland: Special Haven for Entrepreneurs

CHAPTER 14 - The United States as a Tax Haven

CHAPTER 15 - Regional Branch Havens: And How You Can Use Them

CHAPTER 16 - Miscellaneous Smaller Havens

CHAPTER 17 - Some Useful Havens for Personal Residence



TAX HAVENS FOR CANADIANS - Ingenious Ways to Preserve Your Wealth (and Have Fun Doing It!): by Adam Starchild: 341 pages, softcover; ISBN 978-1-896210-18-6; published in 1995; Canadian $48.95.  


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