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Take Control of Your Money

Success Starts With the Opportunity to Plan 

for the Rest of Your Life

(Canadian Edition)


By: Donald J. Davison







How This Book Will Help You



You have needs and wants. But the way in which you manage your time and money depends on your stage in life (single, married, divorced, working, retired, etc.) together with your value system. It is up to you to take a long look at yourself and decide if you want to control your lifestyle or not. If you do then read this book.


Reading Take Control of Your Money can help you to:


1. Identify your values and needs

2. Make budgeting work for you

3. Take the stress out of trying to get ahead

4. Expand your lifestyle effectively

5. Provide the freedom to plan your future

6. Draw a clearer picture of your retirement


Fictitious characters--that represent a cross section of society--are introduced to illustrate their needs and wants during each stage of this book. You might see yourself in one of these personal categories and be able to adapt their solutions to your own situation.


When author, Donald J. Davison, retired from finance and banking, he went through the usual headaches of trying to turn his own life around after a divorce and being retired long before he had planned.


This change of life led him through being a real estate agent, to conducting seminars and counselling government employees on financial planning for retirement and eventually to providing financial counselling to 3,500 insolvent families.


These experiences taught him a lot about himself as a single parent, a senior and as a survivor. Helping others became a natural extension.


You owe it to yourself to learn from his experiences and...


Take Control of Your Money - "Success starts with having the opportunity to plan for the rest of your life."







Stage 1: Managing Today

Jennifer's Financial Life

Jacob's Financial Life

Your needs

Your hierarchy of needs

Measuring financial stress

Measuring your financial need

Profile of your financial health

Controlling your financial life

Your estate, financial and people Check list



Budgeting dynamics

Jennifer and Jacob's lifestyles

The first steps to your current life


Stage 2: Managing Your Cash

Jennifer's and Jacob's Cash Flow

Management is a process

Controlling Cash




Compulsive disorders

The Cash Crunch

Your computer

The Process revisited

The second steps to cash


Stage 3: Managing Yourself

Jennifer's and Jacob's Self-Control

No Health- No Wealth

Fitness, Stress, Breathing, Tension, Relaxation



Medicine and sleep

Family influence


Spending Patter

Control Success Check List

Your job

Peer Pressure

Employee's rights

Family breakdown

Separation & divorce

Consumer fraud

Self- Employed

Wheel of fortune


Twelve golden rules


Capital needs analysis

Jennifer and Jacob's Coverage

Insurance types: private/public



Rebuilding your credit


The third steps to credit


Stage 4: Managing Your Credit

Jennifer's Credit

To Borrow or not to borrow

Contract Check List

Credit ratings

Nature and source of money

Momma and poppa

Debt pressure

Debt consolidation

How much is too much?

Mortgage financing

Jennifer's application

Cross Over Point

Optimizing Your Home Equity

Mortgage Test

Soft Costs

Bank Financing

Why is the arithmetic important

Jacob's Credit

Credit card economics

Compound interest

Car leasing

The fourth steps to credit


Stage 5: Managing Your Savings

Jennifer and Jacob's Time


CPI comparisons

Purchasing Power

Inflation multiplier

College education

College countdown

Income tax

Tax calculations

Comparing investments

Income tax strategies

Tax free income

Tax preferred income

Tax Deferred income

Time value of money

Maturity options

Family tax planning

Dollar cost averaging

Risk and recovery

Savings vehicles

Deposit insurance

Mutual Funds

Investment planning multiplier

Tracking and planning

Measuring risk

Measuring liquidity

Savings options

Financial planners

Real estate

Pensions - private/public

Estate planning


Power of attorney

Estate tax planning

Bereavement check list

The balance sheet revisited

The five steps to savings


Stage 6: Managing Tomorrow

Your Future needs

Your future hierarchy of needs

Jennifer, Jacob and Robby's Tomorrow

Jennifer's future needs

Jennifer's future hierarchy of needs

Jacob's future needs

Jacob's future hierarchy of needs

Retirement profiles

Your Financial Life

Jennifer's Financial Life

Jacob's Financial Life










Take Control of Your Money by Donald J. Davison: 227 pages; softcover; ISBN 978-1-55270-055-6; published in 2001; Canada $34.95.   


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