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How to Prosper in the Coming Crash


Dave Skarica










The sharp stock market sell-off in late August 1998 was a small taste of things to come. It was a warning that showed how quickly confidence can evaporate and how pessimism can become pervasive.


What would have happened if the market had not rebounded; what would have happened if it just kept going down and down, causing baby boomers to sell their equity mutual funds, which were then forced to liquidate their stock positions into a falling market?


Dave Skarica is convinced that a true market meltdown will occur... sooner rather than later and he backs up his claims with great detail in Stock Market Panic!


Everyone, who has any investments; be they in equities, bonds, mutual funds or real estate; should pay close attention to Dave's warnings.


The question is: how do you avoid watching your wealth evaporate as you receive your passport to poverty overnight? Dave discusses this in detail. If you are serious about preserving your wealth and even profiting from a market crash, you will read this book right now... while there is still time!





Dave Skarica was born on September 27th, 1977 in Toronto, Ontario. At 18, Dave became one of the youngest people on record to pass the Canadian Securities course. At 19, he became a licensed financial advisor and authors a newsletter entitled Addicted to Profits.


After a correction during August of 1998, most experts were predicting further declines for stocks. Dave, in a letter to the editor published in the Financial Post on September 11th, 1998, indicated that his research revealed that the Dow Jones has never corrected by more than 20% without an accompanying interest rate hike. After a 19% drop in the Dow and no interest rate hike on the horizon, Dave accurately predicted that the market would roar upwards. On the strength of this research, Dave purchased call options in September of 1998 and sold them four months later after more than doubling his money. Dave is now predicting that this bull market will end in the most vicious bear market of all history.


Dave's keen insight into the world of finance makes this a very thought provoking book. It should challenge you to think about the future of your wealth and How to Prosper in the Coming Crash.





Chapter 1 - The Day of Reckoning

Section 1 - Why a Crash Must Occur

Chapter 2 - The Bubblegum Crisis

Chapter 3 - A Technical and Historical Analysis of the Markets

Chapter 4 - Debt, Inflation and The Death of the Dollar


Section 2 - Investments to Avoid

Chapter 5 - Mutual Fund Madness

Chapter 6 - The Most Dangerous Investment You Can Ever Make

Chapter 7 - The Crash of Corporate and Suburban Real Estate


Section 3 - Prosperous Investments for the Coming Years

Chapter 8 - Commodities

Chapter 9 - Ways to Profit from a Stock Market Crash

Chapter 10 - A Metal for All Ages: The Next Great Gold Boom

Chapter 11 - Penturbia and Beyond

Chapter 12 - Battling the Myths and How to Really Diversify Your Portfolio


Section 4 - The Way I See It

Chapter 13 - The Future


Afterward (Part 1) Who to Trust in a Time of Crisis

Afterward (Part 2) Who to Trust in a Time of Crisis

Afterward (Part 3) Why I Wrote The Book


Sources for Statistics



Stock Market Panic! How to Prosper in the Coming Crash by Dave Skarica; 228 pages, softcover; ISBN 978-1-896210-93-3; published in 1998; Canadian $29.95.   


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