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Steps to Starting a Successful

Business in the Digital Age


How to Use the Latest Technology 

to Turn Your Ideas into Money

By: Incorporated


How This Book Will Help You

This book will help everyone who wants to start a business in the digital age.  It outlines 10 basic steps for success.

Step 1     Look for Ideas to Start a Business!  Practical ways to find ideas for running a business.

Step 2      Research Your Ideas! Discusses the importance of preparing a marketing plan.

Step 3     Find Sources of Marketing Information! Provides details on where to obtain information in order to research a business idea.

Step 4     Use the Internet to Conduct Market Research! Shows readers how to use the Internet to conduct their market research.

Step 5     Plan for Web Marketing! How to develop a strategy and develop a marketing and e-commerce plan of action.

Step 6     Create Your Own Web Site! How to select a domain name and what's involved in hosting a Web site.

Step 7     Select Your Web Authoring Software! Discusses some of the factors to take into consideration.  Provides detailed reviews of some of the most popular Web authoring programs.

Step 8     Select Your E-Commerce Software!  Requirements to conduct e-commerce together with detailed reviews of software which can be used.

Step 9     Set Up Your Business! How to set up a business; the legal and tax requirements plus a discussion of the advantages of home-based businesses.

Step 10   Start Now! A call to action together with sources of further information.


Steps to Starting a Successful Business in the Digital Age: How to Use the Latest Technology to Turn Your Ideas into Money by: Incorporated:  softcover; 144 pages; ISBN: 978-1-55270-301-4; published in 2007;  Canadian: $24.95.     



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