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Software for Small Business

2011 Edition

Windows and Vista Programs to Help 

you Improve Efficiency and Productivity


By: Iain Williamson







This book introduces you to over 265 software programs for small and home-based businesses. It will also benefit you if you work in a large organization, since many of the products can be used in a networked environment. You will find it invaluable if you are studying business at school or college.

It will help you regardless of whether you are a novice or an experienced computer user. Reviews cover many new or updated software programs which work under the Windows 7 operating system which has replaced the sadly flawed Vista.

This book will not teach you how to operate any specific piece of software. It is a "concept book" which will give you an idea of what these software programs can do. It describes the main features and strengths of each program, so you can make an informed purchasing decision for yourself. With your busy schedule you probably don’t have the time to research the market for yourself and this book can save you countless hours of searching for what you need. Also, if you are in the market for a new computer, it will also help you select a suitable one based on your software requirements.

This edition contains chapters on all the basic software you are likely to need in a small business such as, word processing, spreadsheets, databases, business intelligence software and Customer Relationship Management. It also provides you with reviews of accounting software, business planning. It shows you how to create your own Web site and conduct e-commerce.

You will find chapters on editing audio and video and on saving projects to CD-ROMs, DVDs and Blu-ray optical discs. You are provided with a review of many useful utility programs. To save yourself a lot of grief, you must read the very important chapter on security and ways to protect your precious data. You’ll find a chapter on Software as a Service (SaaS) that willl let you know what is available in this new era of "cloud computing".

Software for Small Business will help you meet the challenge of staying abreast of the latest developments. It will alert your to new programs that have been released as well as new versions of existing software. To keep you up to date, this book is revised annually to provide you with the latest information.


Iain Williamson is an entrepreneur, business consultant and seminar leader. He spent five years as a financial analyst and knows what makes business tick. For over 20 years he operated his own businesses in importing, high technology and manufacturing. He is now a small business consultant and also owns a book publishing business. He is the author of 24 other books on starting your own business, small business financing, marketing and the Internet.

Iain holds degrees from the Universities of St. Andrew’s in Scotland and Oxford in England. He has made numerous appearances on national television and his many books have been featured in newspaper articles across the country.



CHAPTER 1 - How this Book Will Help You

CHAPTER 2 - Choose the Right Computer Hardware for Your Business

CHAPTER 3 - Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

CHAPTER 4 - Operating Systems and the Suites

CHAPTER 5 - Word Processing

CHAPTER 6 - Desktop Publishing

CHAPTER 7 - Voice Dictation and OCR

CHAPTER 8 - Drawings and Graphics

CHAPTER 9 - Digital Photos and Scanned Images

CHAPTER 10 - Digital Video and Audio 

CHAPTER 11 - Presentation Software

CHAPTER 12 - Conferencing and Interactive Learning

CHAPTER 13 - Spreadsheets and Applications

CHAPTER 14 - Business and Market Planning Software

CHAPTER 15 - Scheduling and Project Management

CHAPTER 16 - Accounting and Taxation Software

CHAPTER 17 - Databases, Data Mining, Business Intelligence and Associated Software

CHAPTER 18 - Personal Information Managers 

CHAPTER 19 - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Order-Taking

CHAPTER 20 - Mailing List and Communications Software

CHAPTER 21 - Web Browsers

CHAPTER 22 - Web Authoring Tools & Accessories

CHAPTER 23 - E-commerce

CHAPTER 24 - Utilities

CHAPTER 25 - Crashes, Security and Malware

CHAPTER 26 - Software as a Service (SaaS)

CHAPTER 27 - 64 Bit Computing: Vista and Windows 7

Software for Small Business: 2011 Edition: Windows and Vista Programs to Help You Improve Efficiency and Productivity by Iain Williamson: softcover 348 pages; ISBN: 978-1-55270-405-9; ISSN:1492-384X; published in July 2011;  Canadian: $79.95.     



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