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So, You Wanna Be a Millionaire...



By: James P. Johnson





So, You Wanna Be a Millionaire... provides you with a step-by-step guide to developing a personalized financial plan that will help you build wealth. The techniques are very simple to understand and the author has done a great job in explaining the basic concepts in a straightforward way. He has included many tables that you can immediately use in creating your own wealth-building plan.



The author has helped hundreds of people build financial independence by using the advice and strategies that he outlines in this very readable book.



So, You Wanna Be a Millionaire... is not a "get rich quick" book sold by snake oil salesmen; but rather; it presents a disciplined approach that anyone can apply to accumulating wealth. Indeed, the author and his wife have successfully used the techniques themselves.







Author, James P. Johnson, has both a Bachelors (BBA) and a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA). He is also a licenced CPA and began his career with one of the big, international accounting firms. He then became a financial adviser and an SEC registered representative with Kemper Financial. He most recently served as the Budget Officer with the Los Alamos National Laboratory, which is a $2.0 billion operation..



Mr. Johnson continues to give financial planning seminars and this book is used as resource material for the many hundreds of people who attend these events. If you are serious about accumulating wealth, you owe it to yourself to read So, You Wanna be a Millionaire... and apply the techniques to your financial situation. Start building your wealth by reading this great book today!







Chapter 1 So, You Wanna Be a Millionaire...

Chapter 2 The Three Most Important Financial Planning Concepts

Chapter 3 Savings Techniques

Chapter 4 Incorporate Savings into Your New Monthly Budget

Chapter 5 Building Your Investment Strategy

Chapter 6 Personal Financial Questionnaire

Chapter 7 Personal Balance Sheet

Chapter 8 Asset Allocation Model

Chapter 9 Investment Allocation Model

Chapter 10 Selecting Your Investments

Chapter 11 Setting up Your Investment Accounts

Chapter 12 Calculating Your Projected Return

Chapter 13 Projecting Your Future Net Worth

Chapter 14 Future Value of Current Portfolio

Chapter 15 Future Value of Future Savings

Chapter 16 Future Value of Home, Other Assets & Debt

Chapter 17 Net Worth Projection Summary

Chapter 18 Pulling Your Financial Plan Together

Chapter 19 What the S.I.T. Concepts Have Meant to My Family

Chapter 20 Final Thoughts

Appendices 1

Appendices 2

Appendices 3

Appendices 4

Appendices 5




So, You Wanna Be a Millionaire... by: James P. Johnson 200 pages, ISBN: 978-1-55270-088-4; softcover; published in 2002; Canadian $36.95.


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