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Short Cut to Easy Street

How to Get Money in Your Mailbox Every Day, 

Plus Automatic Income for the Rest of Your Life


By: Stephen W. Kenyon









Imagine the excitement and the expectation a few seconds before you open your mailbox ... You have just started your first mail-order promotion, and today is the day!


In a few seconds, you will know whether or not it's pay day. The mail carrier is later than usual ... it seems like you've been waiting forever! The excitement is intense, and you can't stand the suspense. Finally, you fling open the door to your mailbox, and there it is ... Money In The Mailbox! It's just like you've dreamed about and pictured in your mind a thousand times. Letters from all over the country, each one saying, "Enclosed is a check..."


You are not the only one with this dream. You and I and untold thousands of people every year become fascinated with this idea of getting money in the mailbox. And why not?


Let's take it a step further. Imagine what it would feel like knowing that every month, at least one of those checks will be for several thousand dollars. The big checks will continue month after month, for the rest of your life. Imagine the peace of mind and financially secure feeling you would have as the big checks just keep getting bigger, and bigger ... and BIGGER!


It's called residual income, and although many people have heard of it, not one in a thousand knows how to do it. It's easy when you know how!


I have thought about it (and experienced it) for many years, and still, I've never heard of a more convenient place to get my money than out of my mailbox.


The same thought occurs to thousands and thousands of people every year, and they start some kind of mail-order business. Unfortunately, most of them fail. Why? Two reasons. They jumped in too deep too fast without enough knowledge of the details of the business. And, they quit too soon.


Every successful mail-order business person has occasional flops. But, they don't quit. Winners simply adjust their approach according to what they learn with each experience. They move ahead while keeping their attention on the big picture.


Mail-order has made many people wealthy. Chances are, they are no smarter than you or 1. They just kept learning and never gave up. This book is full of inside trade secrets and techniques learned over a thirty year period. The information in this book would have been worth thousands of dollars to me thirty years ago, just as it can be worth a fortune to any person now just beginning to learn about mail-order marketing. Even if you're already a successful mail-order marketer, you will probably find quite a few new twists in this book to help you take your business to the next level of success.


Imagine what it could mean to you to earn how to get money in your mailbox. Realize that if you learn this one thing well, you can enjoy financial independence for the rest of your life. That's a very important point and worth repeating, to give it a chance to really sink in:


Learn these methods well, and you can be independent and financially free for the rest of your life.


Learn them well, and you will always be able to do things in a certain way so the money you need (and want) appears in your mailbox... Daily ... Month ... Yearly ... and from now on!


This book could very well be your key to a lifetime of financial independence. Study and learn the details of this fascinating system for attracting wealth and success. It's worth it.


Your feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction will boost your self-esteem, and benefit all areas of your life. Profit by this life-changing information by applying what you will discover within these pages. You are about to begin on a grand adventure. It's exciting and very worthwhile.


So, let's this book now!



PHASE I - How to Get Money in Your Mailbox Every Day

Chapter 1 - It's Easy When You Know How

Chapter 2 - Playing to Win the Money Game

Chapter 3 - How to Stay in Tune with the Trends for Maximum Profits

Chapter 4 - The Advantages of Mail Order Marketing

Chapter 5 - Product Considerations - How to Find the Treasures Among the Trash

Chapter 6 - Books and Product Information - The Ideal Mail Order Product

Chapter 7 - How to Write Your Own Information Products and Create a Long-Term Income from Something You Can Get Free

Chapter 8 - How to be Your Own Publisher and Keep 100% of the Profit

Chapter 9 - How to Secure a Copyright

Chapter 10 - How to Get Free Listings and Low Cost Publicity

Chapter 11 - How to Design Your Own Dynamite Sales Literature

Chapter 12 - Secrets of Successful Classified Ads and a Crash Course in Direct Response Advertising

Chapter 13 - Classified Advertising with a Unique High-Tech Twist

Chapter 14 - Secrets of Dynamic Display Advertising

Chapter 15 - Secrets of Dynamic Direct Mail Advertising

Chapter 16 - Testing - The Sensible Decision Maker

Chapter 17 - Record Keeping Made Easy

Chapter 18 - Profit Snowballing

PHASE II - How to Get Automatic Income for the Rest of Your Life

Chapter 19 - Summary of Phase I...Introduction to Phase II

Chapter 20 - The Advent of Exponential Residual Income

Chapter 21 - The "Short Cut to Easy Street" Success System...Putting it all Together

Chapter 22 - Typical Problems Most People Have Cashing in on Exponential Income... and the "Short Cut to Easy Street" Solutions

Chapter 23 - Supercharging Your Network with MLMO Techniques

Chapter 24 - Responsible Remote Marketing With Integrity

Chapter 25 - The Tortoise and the Hare



Short Cut to Easy Street by Stephen W. Kenyon: 244 pages, softcover; ISBN 978-1-55270-057-0; published in 2001; Canadian $37.95.   


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