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Shoplifting, Security, Curtailing Crime -  

Inside & Out


By: Don Lunny









Retail theft loss estimates vary by the type of operation and the efficiency of management. They range, for example, from 1.3 percent of sales for a well-managed department store to about 7 percent for the loosely controlled operation. Dishonest employees account for about two-thirds of the retail theft, according to one estimate. You can blame another one-third on shoplifting.

The encouraging thing is that even though you cannot eliminate stealing entirely, you can take positive steps to keep it to a minimum. The key lies in the proper mix of the right controls. This book will discuss those controls and show you how to implement them.



1. Safeguard Against Employee Dishonesty

2. Who's Robbing You Blind

3. How Do They Do It

4. How Can You Deter Shoplifters

5. What About Apprehension, Arrest & Prosecution

6. Accountability For Handling of Cash & Cash Register

7. Make Your System Fraud-Proof

8. Security

a) Employee Theft

b) Merchandise Theft

c) Other Areas

9. Identifying & Analyzing Exposure To Loss

10. Crime Insurance

11. Burglary & Robbery

12. Locks

13. Key Control

14. Burglar Alarms

15. Flood Store With Lights

16. Your Safe

17. High-Risk Locations (how to protect)

18. Robbery

19. Employee Training To Reduce Risk

20. Don't Build Up Cash

21. Opening & Closing Routine

22. Bad Cheque Passing

23. Set A Policy For Cashing Cheques

24. Recognizing a Shoplifter

25. Combatting the Shoplifter

26. Thefts by Employees

27. Reducing Employee Theft

28. Security

29. Secure Premises

30. Security Check List

31. Employee Purchase Policy

32. Survey of Employees re: Security

33. Personnel

34. Industrial Plants - Haphazard Physical Security

35. "Breaking Out"

36. Audit Control Methods

37. Don't Play Detective

38. Rules That Can Help

39. Embezzlement/Defalcation

40. Make Your System Fraud-Proof

41. Look for Clues

42. Ounces of Prevention

43. If You Suspect a Crime

44. Computer Related Embezzlements

45. How to Stop Theft from the Loading Platform

46. Some Ways to Spot the Inside Thief

47. To Sum Up



Shoplifting, Security, Curtailing Crime - Inside & Out: by Don Lunny; 115 pages; softcover; ISBN 978-0-920847-66-4; published in 1993; Canadian $29.95.   


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