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She Delivers Steel


Inspiration from a Grandmother who 

Drove Her Dream to Reality


By: Patricia Prior






This book has been a journey for me. One into which I have put my whole self.


I first became interested in writing SHE DELIVERS STEEL when I saw my dream of becoming a long-haul truck driver, a reality. I was 43 years old at the time. Driving a full size truck, pulling two flat bed trailers loaded with steel to Vancouver and lumber to Toronto, I was climbing mountains (literally and figuratively). I wanted to shout to the world, "This is very difficult yet this is very easy." By difficult I mean difficult; by easy I mean possible. Possible for me, possible for you.


My goal is not to convince you to become a truck driver (unless you desire to become a truck driver). My hope is to encourage you to accomplish your dream, whatever that dream may be - and to begin now.


My book is filled with love - Love for my children, love for my parents, love for accomplishment, love for my readers and love for myself.


SHE DELIVERS STEEL reflects the dual concept of accomplishment - the accomplishment of physical goals and the accomplishment of emotional goals. Recovering from co-dependency was as great an accomplishment for me as manoeuvring 120,000 pounds down British Columbia's steepest mountain. I would be unfair to my readers if you saw only my physical feat of truck driving while I hid my emotional struggle of personal defeat.


I have divided SHE DELIVERS STEEL into two sections. The Diary, the shorter and The Delivery, the bulk of this book. Before presenting the "how to's" of dream accomplishment in The Delivery, The Diary lets you peak into my private life - full of ups and downs, probably more downs than ups. I felt that without leaving myself open to my readers, I could not validate The Delivery.


Believe it or not, you too can see your dreams fulfilled, physical or emotional. The journey is rewarding. Enjoy the trip.



Section I - The Diary

Chapter 1 - The Diary 1

Section II - The Delivery

Chapter 2 - Open Your Thinking And You Open A Door

Chapter 3 - Putting It Off Is Putting It To Death

Chapter 4 - Starting From Where You Are When You Don't Like Where You Are

Chapter 5 - Anything Is Easy When You Know How To Do It/Understanding Your Learning Behaviour

Chapter 6 - Don't Take Life Too Seriously - It Has A Deadline

Chapter 7 - Getting Out and Getting On

Chapter 8 - Talk is Cheap - Take Advantage of It

The Road Map To Success



She Delivers Steel: Inspiration from a Grandmother who Drove Her Dream to Reality: by Patricia Prior: 162 pages, softcover; ISBN 978-1-896210-92-6; published in 1998; Canadian $24.95.   


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