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Savvy Women Entrepreneurs


Twenty-Eight Different Women Share 

the Secrets To Their Business Success


By: Kristina Liehr








Would you like to know how...

a breast cancer patient turns a kitchen-made "health salad dressing" into big money?

a flight attendant started a professional trade show agency by staffing her fellow attendants, expecting a revenue of $2 million for 1998?


a woman with dyslexia who couldn't fill out a job application, borrowed $2,000 to now own the largest consignment furniture chain?


two moms produced a video of baby "mugs" from no experience, which now sells in stores?


You don't have to go to business school to start a business!


These 28 remarkable entrepreneurs tell their step-by-step start-ups which many started from their garage or kitchen, moving eventually into an office or warehouse. Remember Lillian Vernon, she was a "garage entrepreneur."


Savvy Women Entrepreneurs is a wonderful tribute to give you the confidence and inspiration to start your own business. You can learn from the steps that these courageous women took, the obstacles they overcame, and the joy and happiness they have achieved. This book is more than a compilation of success stories, but includes nitty, gritty advice tips for the especially first-time, even second-time entrepreneur.


Each of these women have achieved success in their own way. Women are thinkers and visionaries. They are risk-takers. This is a common thread that each of these women share. Taking chances, experimenting, making mistakes along the way has let them see that one has to make mistakes to learn.


This book is for you if you are ready to start a business because you have a great idea and are ready to change your life, become your own boss, or earn extra income.


After graduating college, Kristina Liehr became a flight attendant which allowed her the opportunity to meet a diverse group of talented women. This gave her the inspiration to pursue this entrepreneurial endeavor to compile stories to inspire and motivate others. After two years, she too knows what it takes to have the perseverance, passion, and drive to bring this book to fruition.




A Brief Step Into History: a bridge to the present The Women's Movement during WW II

Suzanne Marie Locklear: Susanne's Sensational Salad Dressing

Dary Rees: Founder and President of Dary Rees Corporation

Leone Ackerly: Founder & CEO Mini Maid Services

Leslee Alexander of Alexander & Associates

Cathy Hamilton: Creator of Boyfriend-in-a-Box

Mary Naylor Founder of Capitol Concierge, Inc.

Amy Nye-Wolf: Founder of AltiTunes

Terri Bowersock: Founder and CEO of Consign & Design Furnishings

Sue Scott: Founder and President of Primal Lite

Janice Borovay: President of Pep Enterprises

Judy MacDonald: Co-founder of PrintPaks, Inc.

Shelley Frost: Producer of BABYMUGS!

Lisa Davis: Owner of Heart 2 Heart Intimate Event Planning

Rochelle Huppin Fleckl: Founder of Chefwear, Inc.

Elizabeth Scheuer Gabriel: Co-owner of The Dog House

Jennifer Paige Barclay: Founder of Blue Fish Clothing

Diane Markin: Photo frame manufacturer: Diane Marklin, Inc.

Karen Mandell: Founder of Kiss Me In The Garden Products

Cathy Liebow: President of FamilyCare, Inc.

Catherine Karabetsos and Karin Hall: Founders of Quality Customer Service & Sales

Suzanne Southard: Founder of Texas Trading

Dran May Reese: Founder of "QuakeHold"

Rita Tateel: Founder of Celebrity Source

Claudia Presto: Founder of Greyhound Gang

Heidi Gold-Dworkin: CEO and Co-founder of Little Scientists

Dineh Mohajer: Creator of Hard Candy

Susan Currier: Co-founder of Expert Software, Inc.

Barbara Steck: Owner of Recycled Rice




Savvy Women Entrepreneurs: Twenty-eight Different Women Share the Secrets to Their Business Success by Kristina Liehr: 140 pages; softcover; ISBN 978-1-55270-000-6; published in 1999; Canadian: $24.95.   


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