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Reach the Global Marketplace


A Canadian Guide to Researching  

Foreign Markets and Online Sources


By: Richard B. McEachin








Written by an expert with over 20 years of gathering and analyzing intelligence material

  • A step-by-step guide to the research process

  • Advice on hiring an outside researcher

  • Shows what is now available on-line and in print

  • Written for both the newcomer and the experienced exporter.

The executive seeking information on a foreign market must understand that he or she is also asking for information about a different culture and society. This realization is not always forthcoming, unfortunately, because the pressures of business always seem to be about money, the bottom line and making a good deal. If you set aside the balance sheet for a while and look around, you will find that success or failure is dependent upon the actions of people. You will be dealing with people on the other end of the deal who may have a different perception of the world and life. These "foreigners" will also have different laws and conventions to obey when conducting their business.


Foreign trade situations demand a certain degree of patience and discipline as you will soon learn, if you haven't already. You may also learn that doing business is about effective communications born of knowledge and human understanding.


Knowledge and understanding are what this guide to researching foreign markets is about.



Richard McEachin is an expert with over 20 years experience in gathering and using hard-to-get information. He has experience as a private investigator, a bodyguard, an advertising executive and is now president of a research company which specializes in litigation support research, competitive intelligence and secondary market research. In this guide, he shares his knowledge with you and shows you the elements of successful foreign market research and intelligence gathering.




Why Export?

How to Use This Guide

Entering the Global Marketplace

How to Find a Researcher

Choosing an Outside Researcher


What a research report should look like and tell you?

The Intelligence Cycle

The Research Process

Getting Started

Best Sources On-line

What To Look For


1. Political Climate and Culture


Interest rates

Banking system


2. Demographics

Social welfare and institutions

Real Estate

StatsCan Reports

Syndicated Studies

3. Adapting your product to the foreign market

Government Regulation

Tariffs and taxes

Nontariff barriers

Regional Trade Associations

Competitive Offerings


Economic Development

Purchase and Distribution Patterns

Climate and Geography



4. Advertising





5. Competition

The market


Descriptions of subsidiaries


6. Source of Product and Equipment

7. Business Organization

8. Taxation


9. Foreign Currency Control


10. Restrictive Trade Practices


11. Contract Law

12. Intellectual Property Rights/Technology Transfer


13. Labour Law


14. Logistics


Customs documentation


Infrastructure situation

Communications - E-mail, telex, telephone, fax

Security concerns

Getting on the Internet


15. Personal Security & Safety

Travel advisories

Terrorism, kidnapping, & crime

Travel arrangements

Peculiar laws

Local policing

Private security services

Travel tips

Sources of Information

What is Available On-line

The Internet

List of Sources

Reference Books

Book Sellers


Useful Associations and Organizations

Database Vendors



Reach the Global Marketplace - A Canadian Guide to Researching Foreign Markets and Online Sources by Richard B. McEachin, 193 pages; ISBN 978-0-920847-92-3; softcover; published in 1995; Canadian: $24.95.   


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