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Quick Fixes for Business Writing:


An Eight-Step Editing Process to Find

and Correct Common Readability Problems


By: Jim Taylor



Quick Fixes for Business Writing breaks down the editorial process into a series of tasks which are designed to improve the readability of the final product. It will be invaluable to you; regardless of whether you are a novice or a proficient editor.

This book helps you to develop a systematic eight-step approach . It identifies functions that you may have been performing only intuitively. It will provide you with techniques to improve your written material. Here are some unsolicited comments about Eight-Step Editing:

"For experienced editors itís a suitable refresher and food for thought. For beginners, itís just plain necessary knowledge." James Harbeck

"Itís memorable and extremely useful at any level of editing experience and for most types of editing." Steve Roney

"I learned that you can edit without re-writing-one step at a time and that the main purpose of editing is to improve readability. I think of Jimís eight steps every time I approach a new text." Elaine Balpataky

"I now understand what I have been doing all these years!" Greg Ioannou

Author, Jim Taylor, has taught Eight-Step Editing for 18 years and clients for his workshops include the Editorís Association of Canada and the Ontario Cabinet office. In his other lives, he has founded a publishing house, edited two magazines and half a dozen newsletters. Jim has written 13 books and over a thousand magazine articles and newspaper columns. This book will help you with any kind of business writing and as RiÁa Night says "....he is a dazzlingly excellent teacher."


Quick Fixes For Business Writing by Jim Taylor .156 pages; ISBN 978-1-55270-252-9; softcover; published in 2006; Canadian $24.95.


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