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Quality in the 21st Century:


What You Have to Change

to Stay in Business


By: Jerry W. Wishes



Jerry Wishes says: ".... we are still creating monumental waste. Our overall processes are still very manual, dysfunctional, poorly documented, hardly understood..... I can walk into 8 out of 10 companies and within half a day, uncover millions of dollars of waste."

He goes on to say: "Most people still can't describe their job in objective, measurable terms. Walk around and see how many of your employees are measuring their job tasks, setting improvement goals and then showing how they are doing. How many of your processes are broken? How many are documented but people don't follow them? How many are documented by a single person, but those that work in the process don't have a stake in it because they had no input in how it runs on paper so they run it their own way?"

"If you don't 'get it' soon and start doing things differently, you'll be in a down-cycle and never understand why. My hope is that this book will give you some insight and a direction you can use to conquer the challenges ahead."

With 40 years in the electronics industry, 27 of them involved with leading quality functions, Jerry Wishes has worked at Fortune 500 companies in addition to many small and medium organizations. Besides his Electrical Engineering and graduate business degrees, he is an ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, was a Six Sigma Champion, and taught numerous Green Belt classes while coaching many projects.

In addition Mr. Wishes has worked with Dr. W. Edwards Deming, who set him on the path to process control management; is a certified Philip Crosby QMS instructor; and received Lean theory and methods training from Boeing. He has trained hundreds of people in Quality concepts and techniques, Customer Satisfaction, and basic team problem solving tools.


Quality in the 21st Century by Jerry W. Wishes 202  pages; ISBN 978-1-55270-259-8; Softcover; published in 2006; Canadian $39.95


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