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Protect Your Intellectual Property


An International Guide to Patents,

Copyrights and Trademarks


By: Hoyt L. Barber & Robert M. Logan










Protect Your Intellectual Property provides an abundance of information on the various forms of intellectual property protection. It explains in detail, step-by-step procedures, how to obtain exclusive protection for unique ideas, inventions, names, identifying marks, or artistic, literary, musical, photographic or cinematographic works.

You can now have available valuable facts and information on intellectual property protection at your fingertips. The material and instructions in this book will save unnecessary expense and time-consuming research. The information is organized to provide fast comprehension, so that it may be implemented immediately. Forms are included for Federal copyright, patent, and trademark registration.

The subject of intellectual property protection is extensive. The purpose of this book is to simplify the process of securing a copyright, patent, or trademark in most countries where protection would be beneficial. The information disclosed here will be useful to know even before embarking on any creative endeavor that you hope someday will find its way into the marketplace. Most ideas developed for maximum commercial value will need to be legally protected for encroachment and undesirable imitation. Writers, designers, artists, photographers, inventors, composers, musicians, performers, and many others can now get regional, national, or international protection for their creations.


This book is divided into five parts. Part 1 discusses copyrights, Part 2 covers patents, Part 3 details Federal trademarks and seven key areas of state trademarks. Part 4 is an international whirlwind tour of copyrights, patents, and trademarks, including a country-by-country profile of over 60 foreign lands form Algeria to Zambia. Part 5 provides valuable contacts, sources of additional information, and suggested publications. All forms have been placed at the end of the appropriate part.



Hoyt L. Barber has a diverse business background covering 25 years in product development, corporate and product identity development, intellectual property protection licensing, product marketing and promotion in the capacity as marketing director, corporate executive and company owner.


As a leading expert on offshore tax havens and international finance, Barber has over the past ten years acted as an international financial consultant to clients worldwide. He is author of numerous business books.

Robert M. Logan is a practicing U.S. attorney with extensive knowledge in protecting intellectual property. He knows what is involved in obtaining patents, copyrights and trademarks on a worldwide basis and shares this knowledge with you in this very comprehensive book.


The authors provide you with all the essentials for protecting your intellectual property worldwide.



Intellectual Property Protection



Copyright Protection

Categories of Copyright Protection - When Does Copyright Begin?

Benefits of Registration - The New Copyright Law - Publication

Copyright Notice - Notice for Phonorecords of Sound Recordings

Description of Copyrights for Various Works

Automated Databases, Architectural Works, Cartoons and Comic Strips,

Computer Programs, Drama, Games, Visual Arts, Mask Works, Motion

Pictures and Video Recordings, Multimedia Works, Poetry, Musical

Composition and Sound Recordings, Serials

Who Can Claim Copyright?

Collaborative Works

Unpublished Collections

National Origin of the Work

Copyright Duration

Registration Procedures

Deposit Requirements - The Copyright Applicant - Filing the Application

Renewing a Copyright

What Can't Be Copyrighted

Failure to Publish the Copyright Notice

Fair Use

Unfair Foreign Competition

Instructions for Completion of Copyright Forms

Copyright Office Information & Forms

Fee Change Notice


Introduction to Patents

What Is Not Patentable


Reduction to Practice

The Invention Record

The Prototype

Attorneys and Agents

The Patent Search

Patent and Trademark Depository Libraries

Patent Searchers

The Specification

The Drawing

Plant Patent Drawing

Additional Sources of Art Supplies

Models, Exhibits, and Specimens

Doing Business with the Patent Office

The Applicant

Application for Patent

Application Process

Types of Patents

Utility Patent - Design Patent - Plant Patent

English Language Forms

Foreign Language Forms

Patent Issue Fees

Special Boxes for Mail

Disclosure Document Program

Trade Secrets

Patent Pending

Examination Procedures

Amendments to an Application


Allowance and Issue of Patent

Patent Forms

Patent Fees and Payment

Example of a U.S. Patent

Example of an Amendment


The Trademark and the Corporate Identity

Trademark Use

Advantages of Registering a Trademark

Marks and Names

Trademark Ownership

The Principal and Supplemental Registers

Marks Registerable on the Principal Register - Registerable Service

Marks - Registerable Collective and Certification Marks - Use by Related

Companies - Certificates - Duration - Renewal - Assignment -

Publication - Opposition - Cancellation- The Supplemental Register -

Notice of Registration

The Trademark Search

Trademark Agents and Counsellors

"Token" Use

Instruction for Completion. of the Federal Trademark Application

Application Form - Drawing of the Mark - Specimens - Filing Fee

Intent to Use in Commerce

Sample Applications and Drawings

Trademark Applications

Standard Industrial Classification (S.I.C.) Code List

List of Federal Trademark Forms

International Trademark Association

Trademark Definitions

State Trademark Applications

State Trademark Acts

State Trademark Data



Introduction to Intellectual Property Protection Worldwide

Patents and Foreign Countries - Attorneys and Registered Agents

Agreements and Treaties

Worldwide Copyright Protection

Universal Copyright Convention Countries

Berne Convention

Paris Union International Convention

European Patent Convention (EPC)

Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)

Patent Cooperation Treaty Countries

International Trademark Agreements

Country Profiles

Foreign Consular Offices in the U.S.



National and Regional Inventor Associations

Invention Consultants and Research Firms

University and Independent Innovation Research Centers

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Programs

Federal Laboratory Assistance for Inventors


Online Resources

Protect Your Intellectual Property: An International Guide to Patents, Copyrights and Trademarks by Hoyt L. Barber & Robert M. Logan, 305 pages, softcover, ISBN 978-1-896210-95-7; published in 1999; Canadian $59.95.   


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