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Project Management: 

Welcome Opportunity

or Awesome Burden?


By: Robert G. Edwards





This concise, how-to, self-help guide will help both aspiring and practicing project managers. Its content was developed during the author's forty-four years in professional engineering and project management. The principles and practices that he describes are based on his personal experience and can easily be applied to most simple or complex projects.



Project management requires skills to plan and guide the coordinated effort of complex teams of engineers and laborers. It is an essential requirement for any capital works projects or for designing and producing high-technology products. Indeed, many of the concepts contained in this book can also be applied to non-engineering situations involving custom contract work, landscaping, custom home building, etc.



This book is entertaining and easy-to-read. It addresses the personal skills, attitudes, ethics and responsibilities of project managers that are needed to succeed; regardless of the complexity or size of the project.



Most other books on project management are written by academics. This book is based on real-life experience. It can be read in a day and kept for quick reference for a lifetime. It should be on the bookshelf of every project manager and every professional engineer.








Author, Robert G. Edwards, started his professional career as a structural design engineer with a small aircraft design plant after three years of marine engineering at the US Naval Academy, Annapolis. During the next twenty years, he worked both as a direct employee for large and small aerospace corporations and as a consultant for small business. He was involved with a variety of projects, including a multiple artillery rocket system for the US Army, a re-entry soaring vehicle for the US Air Force and he helped pioneer automatic test equipment for the US Navy and automatic test equipment for Special Forces gunships.



The author received his aeronautical design degree from Pennsylvania Institute of Technology. He has held positions as Project Engineer, Programs Manager, Total Quality Manager and Programs Director. He has prepared and facilitated training courses in project management, claims development and negotiation, quality management and strategic management. He is now retired but still does some consulting and also serves on the Board of Directors of several non-profit organizations.








A Summary of Fundamentals

II What Project Should I Manage?

III Early Lessons

IV Risk Assessment

V Productivity, The Project Manager's Role

VI Communications

VII Dealing With People Who Impede Project Progress and Waste Your Time

VIII Developing Client Relationships

IX Recruiting and Staffing Your Team

X Why Do Projects Succeed or Fail?

XI Quality Management Concepts and Misconceptions

XII Project Plans-- Use and Misuse

XIII Project Schedules and Budgets Working For You

XIV Change Orders and Claims

XV Responsibility for Everyone

XVI Negotiations Every Day; Also Ethics and Law

XVII Strategic Planning

XVIII On The Road

XIX And, In Conclusion





Project Management: Welcome Opportunity or Awesome Burden? by: Robert G. Edwards 170 pages, ISBN: 978-1-55270-086-0; softcover; published in 2002; Canadian $26.95.


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