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How to Profit from the Information Superhighway


By: Mike Weaver and Odd de Presno









THE ONLINE WORLD - How to Profit from the Information Superhighway is a very timely new book that explains The Internet and what it has to offer.

In this fascinating book, Odd de Presno from Norway and Mike Weaver from Saskatchewan take you on a guided tour of The Internet. They discuss the electronic mail networks that already span the world and let you "talk" to people or businesses in distant countries, as if they were next door.


The authors recognize the importance of THE ONLINE WORLD for business, when they state: "The entrepreneur sees the online world as a new, profitable playground. Many of them have made it their profession to search for information for others, and they earn a good living doing so. Others advertise and sell products and services by modem. Some set up their own online services to sell knowledge and know-how, be it in aqua culture, production of wine, marketing, or the petroleum offshore market."


The Internet also gives you access to an unbelievable wealth of information. To illustrate this, the authors talk of Eduardo Salom who heads Software Plus SA in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and uses it actively to find information that can help his company develop industrial applications. They also mention civil engineer Kai Oestreng at Ski in Norway who uses telecommunications to find programs for his business and watch the developments in the local personal computer market.

THE ONLINE WORLD is a gold mine for those wanting to gather marketing information. It shows you how to bid on Canadian and Provincial Government contacts. It talks about the Investors Forum which discusses the stockmarket, moneymarkets and other financial instruments, as well as investing techniques.

THE ONLINE WORLD also covers a vast array of other topics from job hunting by modem, working from home, personal finances, tips for home owners, education and the exchange of knowledge, electronic conferences and building a personal and business network. It also covers health, hobbies, games, fun and of course the inevitable - sex!

By the year 2000, there will be over one BILLION users on the Internet. It is a market that no business person can afford to ignore because it will change the way people learn, get information, do business and find a job. As the authors say: "It's a golden rule in business that it pays to know things before your competitors. Such knowledge gives increased sales, reduces the chances for losses and helps companies develop their business in more profitable directions."


From his home in Norway, Odd de Presno has written twelve books on the Online World and personal computers. Over 700 of his articles have been published in management and technical magazines in Europe, Japan, and the U.S.

Odd operates an English language BBS online service in Norway and is founder and Director of KIDLINK, an organization promoting dialog among the youth of the world.


He has held senior executive and management positions with several computer companies and currently runs his own business and is an international consultant and public speaker.

Michael Weaver brings a North American perspective from his home in the middle of the Canadian prairies. He teaches Science, Computer Literacy, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, and Computer Applications.

Mike is a winner of the Saskatchewan Association for Computers in Education/Apple Teacher Award of Excellence. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Kansas, and Master of Science and Bachelor of Education degrees from the University of Saskatchewan.

Together with Odd de Presno, Mike shows you how to explore this exciting Online World and how you can profit from it.




1 Going online will make me rich, right?

Knowledge is Power. A larger personal network will give you a

stronger punch. The value of information, and of having fun ...

2 Getting started on your own

Your personal computer, modem and communications program.

Useful information about the details of getting started.

3 Your first online trip

Typical pitfalls and simple solutions. Down- and uploading.

4 The online world

The structure of the online offerings. Bulletin Board systems,

packet data services, and network services like FidoNet, i-Com,

Infonet, Internet, and others. The content of the online offerings.

Mailing lists, conferencing systems, and online databases. A constantly

changing environment.


5 How to use online services

Short introduction. How to use menus, and how to navigate like

an expert. Tailoring online services to your interests and needs.




6. Information, hobbies, games, and fun

About shopping, planning holidays and travel, computer programs,

viruses, online adventure games, collecting coins and stamps,

genealogy, music, and other leisure activities.

7. Work, home, and education

Finances, job hunting by modem, and working from home.

Tips for house owners, education and the exchange of knowledge,

electronic conferences. Building a personal network.

8. Your personal healthnet

Support for those suffering from diseases like AIDS, cancer,

and kidney diseases. Forums for people with physical or

mental disabilities.

9. Electronic mail, telex, and fax

How to communicate globally at a ridiculously low cost,

with notes on addressing electronic mail.


10. Free expert assistance

How to get free advice about your computer, software, profession,

and many other things.

11. Your electronic daily news 131

Read national and global news before getting it through the

traditional media. Get those interesting background facts.

Read special interest news that the media never bother to print.


12. Looking for a needle in a hay stack

Searching databases. 'Clipping' news. How to locate

interesting books and articles. Monitoring the online offerings,

and sources about sources.


13. Getting an edge on your competitor

Using the networks to manage projects. Monitor competitors,

prospects, suppliers, markets, technologies, and trends.

Marketing and sales by modem.


14. Practical tips

How to get more from your online time.


15. Cheaper and better communications

Using packet data services or competing data transport services

like Tymnet, Outdial, Infonet, Internet, PC Pursuit, and others.

16. Keep what you find.

Build your local personal database. Strategies for locating

interesting information. What separates good from bad information.


17. You pay little for a lot!

How to figure the costs.

18. Automatic communication

Get a lead on your competitors. Avoid duplication of effort.

Reduce costs. Reduce boring, repetitive work. No need to

remember the "tricks" of communications anymore.

19. Gazing into the future

Thoughts about things to come.



1. List of selected online services

2. Frequently used terms

3. Books and articles for further reading

4. Important Internet tools & pointers

5. List of services offering access to the Internet



THE ONLINE WORLD: How to Profit from the Information Superhighway: by Mike Weaver and Odd de Presno: 302 pages, softcover; ISBN 978-0-920847-89-3; published in 1994; Canadian $39.95.   


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