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Will the Internet be a Panacea or Curse 

for Business and Society in the Next Ten Years?


By: Iain Williamson







The Internet will bring about the greatest change to society and business since the Industrial Revolution of the late 18th century.

Is this possible?


If so - are you ready to meet the challenge?


Is your company ready?

Will government be able to cope?

An ancient Chinese curse said: "may you live in interesting times". Boy! Do we ever live in "interesting times"!

THE NET EFFECT presents you with some provocative scenarios for the World, ten years from now. Entire sectors of the economy may be eliminated, while others are born. It examines the turmoil which the Internet may cause the governments of industrialized countries, together with the businesses and institutions that operate within them. It was already on the agenda of a recent G-7 Summit.


THE NET EFFECT tries to show you who will be the winners and losers in this brave new economic order. It recognizes that, as a good manager (be it in business, government or personal finance), you must anticipate change and take steps to meet the challenge head-on. It tries to prepare you for what may lie in wait.

This book does not claim to give you all the answers. In this new version of Russian Roulette, which is being played with your future in cyberspace, its aim is to provoke thought, discussion and action. In so doing, it attempts to minimize the odds of brains being needlessly splattered into economic graveyards through ignorance, indecision and lack of action.


Unlike other Internet books, THE NET EFFECT does not concern itself with how many mouse clicks it takes you to reach the Vatican Library or how long it will take you to download the Microsoft Explorer. It rises above the clicking and waiting in front of your computer monitor to take a look at what the digital world around you may be like ten years from now.


For 26 years, author, Iain Williamson, has been a financial analyst and owner-operator of his own businesses. He is currently a business consultant and a publisher with a keen interest in business computer software applications and the Internet. He shares his predictions with you about the future world of cyberspace. His book will challenge you to prepare for the dramatic effect it will have on you, your business and society during the next ten years.




Introduction - Megachange

Chapter 1 - Diary of The Future

Chapter 2 - The Development of The Net

Chapter 3 - Breaking Through The Barriers

Chapter 4 - The Future of Banking And Investing

Chapter 5 - The Future of Communications

Chapter 6 - The Future For Entertainment

Chapter 7 - The Future For Print Media, Publishing And Libraries

Chapter 8 - Convergence

Chapter 9 - The Future For Education

Chapter 10 - The Future For The Manufacturing, Service And Hospitality Industries

Chapter 11 - The Future For Retail Commerce And Distribution

Chapter 12 - Future For Taxation And Government Revenues

Chapter 13 - The Future Workplace

Chapter 14 - The Demise of The City

Chapter 15 - Cyber Politics

Chapter 16 - Future States by Frederick S. Tipson

Chapter 17 - Could this Really Happen and Are You Ready?



THE NET EFFECT - Will the Internet be a Panacea or Curse for Business and Society in the Next 10 Years: by Iain Williamson; 244 pages, softcover, ISBN 978-1-896210-38-4; published in 1996; Canadian $29.95.


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