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Two Hundred Power Strategies

for Doing Business in Japan


By: Jonathan King








A book for those with a yen to do business in Japan will help companies go on the offensive and sell their products in one of the world's most lucrative, yet toughest markets. Jonathan King's: MEETING THE SAMURAI: Two Hundred Power Strategies for Doing Business in Japan" is published by Productive Publications of Toronto.


Named after the famous warriors, King refers to the "Big Samurais" as the Fortune 500 Japanese Companies, which he says: "are incredibly product driven and relentlessly hunt for any good ideas they can optimally exploit for future profit. When in Japan, be careful not to give out important information about your products or special inventions unless they have been properly patented first in your own country."


King initially went to Japan for one year to learn the language, however, he ended up staying another six years as a business consultant and director of two of these Japanese Samurai companies. His book covers all the essentials, such as how to do research and establish contact. He shows readers how to network and discusses successful negotiating strategies.


He also covers many of the less obvious social and cultural differences that Westerners will encounter. He talks of the essence of speaking politely; showing respect for people in power and the Zen approach to power listening.


Establishing Contact With Japanese Corporations

The Art of Power Negotiating

The Art of Speaking Politely

The Art of Showing Respect For People in Power

The Zen Approach to Power Listening

Using the Meishi Well

Building A Circle Of Trust

Hiring the Samurai Consultant and other Strategic Helpers

Pre-Negotiation Strategies For Success

The Foreign Business Woman In Japan

Creatively Doing Business On A Shoestring Budget

Gracefully Playing the Underdog

Non-Whites Doing Business In Japan

The Art of Endlessly Saying "I'm Sorry"

Projecting the Image of a Winner

The Martial Arts of Silence

Power Recruiting Strategies For Long Term Growth

Guarding Your Back Against the Big Samurai

Advertising and Making Yourself Seen and Heard

Cutting Cost At All Cost

Riding the Waves of Change

Business After Dark in the Big Eastern Apple

Negotiating Strategies for the Ultimate Win/Win Situation

APPENDIX: General Directory of Japanese Agencies and Organizations


MEETING THE SAMURAI: Two Hundred Power Strategies for Doing Business in Japan: by Jonathan King, 119 pages, softcover, ISBN 978-1-896210-40-7; published in 1996; Canadian: $19.95.   


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