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Marketing Beyond 2000


Why you will have to use the Internet 

to market your goods or services

in the 21st. Century


By: Iain Williamson







The Internet will completely alter the way in which we market goods and services in the 21st Century.


Marketing Beyond 2000 looks at the basic elements of marketing and then examines the barriers facing today's Internet and how these are being overcome. It then looks at the changes we can expect to see in traditional marketing and advertising channels and how the Internet is already changing the banking and financial services industries.


There will be enormous marketing implications as print media, television and radio move to the Internet and as various technologies converge.


The Internet could have an enormous impact on the marketing and delivery of educational products. It will affect marketing in the manufacturing, service and hospitality industries. It could also cause a major revolution in our current retailing and distribution methods.


Changes in the marketing environment caused by telework and inequalities in sales tax on trans-border transactions are also examined.


Finally this book shows you why the Internet will become the most important marketing tool beyond 2000. It's up to you to read this book and see how you can take advantage of it.


For 27 years Iain Williamson has been a financial analyst and owner-operator of his own businesses. He is currently a business consultant and a publisher with a keen interest in the future trends of marketing on the Internet.


He shares his predictions with you about the future of marketing beyond 2000. His book will challenge you to prepare for the dramatic effect it will have on the marketing of your goods or services in the next century. It will help you plan your strategy for Marketing Beyond 2000.




Chapter 1 - The Marketing Concept

Chapter 2 - The Development of The Net

Chapter 3 - Bandwidth

Chapter 4 - Monetary Transactions

Chapter 5 - Security

Chapter 6 - Beyond The Barriers to Effective Internet Marketing

Chapter 7 - Changes That Can Be Expected in Traditional Marketing And Advertising  


Chapter 8 - The Marketing of Banking & Financial Services in Cyberspace

Chapter 9 - The Marketing Implications as Print Media, Television And Radio Move to   

                     The Internet

Chapter 10 - Convergence

Chapter 11 - The Marketing of Education

Chapter 12 - The Future of Marketing in The Manufacturing, Service & Hospitality Industries

Chapter 13 - The Future For Retail Commerce And Distribution

Chapter 14 - The Future For Taxation in The New Marketing Environment

Chapter 15 - The Future Workplace and The Marketing Implications

Chapter 16 - Why the Internet Will Become The Most Important Marketing Tool Beyond 2000


Marketing Beyond 2000: Why you will have to use the Internet to market your goods or services in the 21st. Century by Iain Williamson, 194 pages, ISBN 978-1-896210-66-7; softcover; published in 1997; Canadian $27.95.   


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