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Learn UNIX in Fifteen Days


by: Dwight Baer

and Paul Davidson



How this Book Will Help You Learn UNIX in Fifteen Days



This book was written out of the need for a text which presented the material which was actually taught and tested in a typical UNIX course at the college level.



It is not intended to replace a comprehensive UNIX manual, but for most students who have not yet spent five years learning all the "eccentricities" of the UNIX Operating System, it will present all they need to know (and more!) in order to use and support a UNIX system.



This book will be useful at both the Introductory and the Advanced level of UNIX studies. Introductory students will find the first three chapters most useful, whereas Advanced students will refer to the entire book; with an emphasis on the later chapters.



A section has been included entitled "Abbreviated Manual Pages for Selected Commands". You may find these pages even more useful than the Unix "man" online manual, since it removes those aspects of the manual that are written primarily for advanced programmers. What is printed in this book are only those manual paragraphs / sections that would be most useful to a beginning or intermediate-level student. At the end of each command, the authors have included the reference to the Internet Web site where you can go to read the entire manual page for that command.



There are a total of sixteen labs. Also, at the back of the book, just before the index, is a page of addresses to Internet Web sites that will certainly be of interest to a Unix aficionado like yourself!







Dwight Baer has 14 years of UNIX experience. He spent 5 years as the hands-on manager of a SCO UNIX help desk. He has since leveraged that practical experience as a Unix and AIX author and trainer, both at the college level and for corporate customers throughout Canada and the United States. He is a seasoned korn-shell programmer and "vi" enthusiast. His experience also includes "C" and Perl programming.



Although Unix is his first love, Dwight has also been involved in writing curriculum materials in the area of VoiceXML as well as XML generally. His certifications include Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) and Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT).



Dwight is available to do training in Unix (AIX or Linux), VoiceXML or XML.





Paul Davidson has been involved in the computer industry since 1984. His career has always involved three things: operating systems, software development, and educational lecturing.



As the Senior Systems Analyst with the Embassy of Australia, Washington D.C. he was responsible for the computer operation and software development for Australian Consulates throughout North America. As Professor, Information Technology with Fanshawe College, London, Ontario, Paul lectured in various operating systems, advanced programming languages as well as systems analysis and design.



Paul currently holds the position of President of NiteVision Software Inc., London, Ontario, a company which focuses on computer software design and support for business. He continues to lecture for corporate clients in the UNIX operating system specializing in Advanced KornShell programming.










Table of Contents




Day 1 Getting Started

1. Operating Systems

2. Features of UNIX

3. The UNIX Kernel

4. Accessing UNIX

5. Networking with UNIX

6. Accessing UNIX Logging in

7. Files and Directories

8. Basic File Manipulation



Day 2 Commands

1. Finding Files

2. Wild Cards

3. UNIX Documentation

4. The UNIX Environment

5. Command Syntax

6. Some Common Commands

7. Combining Commands

8. Filters



Day 3 Files and Processes

1. File Permissions

2. Mail

3. PS and Kill




Day 4 the VI Editor

1. Overview

2. Editing Part 1

4. Editing Part 2

5. The VI Environment



Day 5 the Bourne Shell

1. Scripts Overview (Bourne Shell)

2. Variables

3. Logic Flow

4. Looping



Day 6 the Structure of UNIX

1. The UNIX Process

2. The UNIX File System Structure

3. Inodes (Continued)



Day 7 Networking with UNIX

1. Overview of the Client-server Model

2. What is TCP/IP?

3. IP Internet Protocol the Common Thread

4. Subnets

5. TCP Transmission Control Protocol

6. Domain Name Service (DNS)

7. The SPX/IPX Solution

8. SCO Gateway for Netware



Day 8 UNIX Hardware

1. UNIX Hardware

2. Installing the Different UNIX Packages

3. Understanding Directory Structures



Day 9 the Human Side of System Administration

1. Duties of the System Administrator

2. Creating, Administering User Accounts

3. Shutting down

4. Starting up

5. Printers



Day 10 System Administration

1. Floppy Disks

2. Mounting and Unmounting

3. Managing the Hard Disk

4. Backing-up

5. Windows and UNIX

6. Printing

7. Security Issues

8. Performance Issues

9. Common System Configuration Files

10. Trouble-shooting



Day 11 the C Shell

1. Overview



Day 12 the KORN Shell

1. Overview



Day 13 Advanced Filters

1. Advanced Filters

2. Advanced Find



Day 14 AWK

1. AWK



Day 15 SED



Quiz Material


VI Reference Sheet

Commonly Used Commands

Abbreviated Manual Pages for Selected Commands

Student Hands-on Exercise Labs

Links to Some Popular UNIX Web Sites







Learn UNIX in Fifteen Days by: Dwight Baer and Paul Davidson, 176 pages, ISBN: 978-1-55270-087-7 softcover; published in 2002; Canada: $34.95.


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