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Leadership with Panache

52 Ways to Set Yourself Apart 

as a Dynamic Manager


By: Jeff Jernigan








This superb book cuts to the underbelly of leadership in the modern organization. It examines 52 critical ways for you to become a dynamic manager and poses hard hitting questions for your consideration.

Leadership with Panache has intentionally been divided into 52 "Ways" so that you can select one topic each week of the year for group discussion with your management and supervisory associates. Since these ideas are timeless, you can repeat them year after year, as new leaders are appointed and as a "refresher" for previous participants.


Leadership also involves qualities of a more personal nature which are best left to reflection on your own; rather than discussion in a group setting. For this reason, six additional "Personal Ways" have been added at the end of the book.


If you implement the ideas in Leadership with Panache, you should be able to bring a high level of quality to the leadership which others experience from you.



Jeff Jernigan is Vice-President, Human Resources at Bal Seal Engineering; a world-leader in sealing and connecting solution design and manufacturing. His company has won numerous awards including the Workforce Optimas Financial Impact Award in 2001 for Human Resources Business Solutions.

Jeff has over 25 years experience as an organizational development specialist providing companies support in creating, continuing and capitalizing on change. He also serves as Legal Coordinator on the Board of Directors for the Olive Branch International, a humanitarian organization, serving militaries around the world.



"Leadership with Panache is a thought provoking composite of essays and vignettes on the many faces of leadership in the twenty-first century. Jeff Jernigan has illustrated the complexities of leadership by presenting the hurdles, considerations and challenges awaiting those who accept the responsibility of preparing an organization and its members for the future... Jeff is offering a "hands-on" version of leadership requirements for forward-acting organizations. This practical approach to Leadership with Panache insures its relevance to readers who are grappling with real life dilemmas in the workplace. It is an easy to read guide that offers practical suggestions as well as situations on which to reflect for those individuals striving to be their best inside organizations today and in the future."

Carol Geffner, Ph.D., Vice-President, Organizational Consulting, Right Management Consultants

"...a masterful job of telling real-life stories and drawing from them the practical lessons from which we all learn better and more quickly. A committed and disciplined leader could profit from focussing on one of these 52 chapters each week. In a year's time his leadership panache would be noticeably improved."

Glen Ellis, General Manager, Ian Martin Technology Staffing Inc.

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading the manuscript....The vignettes get to the heart of the matter and provide excellent direction for managers as they strive to become leaders. The exercises provide a great follow-up reinforcement to each lesson. It is written in a style that benefits extremely busy executives--all of us these days--yet it is comprehensive in subject matter. Jeff is a budding management guru...I look forward to more of his material."

Peter Sterling, Senior Director, Direct Marketing,



Way #1 Can-Do Attitudes

Way #2 Leaders, Fools and Imposters

Way #3 Creating a Customer-Focused Organization

Way #4 Restoring Relationships

Way #5 Riding for the Brand

Way #6 Heroes and Humbugs

Way #7 Political Myths

Way #8 You Owe Me Because I Am

Way #9 Forgiveness

Way #10 Envy and Jealousy

Way #11 Who Am I?

Way #12 Liar, Liar Pants On Fire!

Way #13 Giving Orders

Way #14 Acceptance and Approval

Way #15 Customer Service

Way #16 You Want To Do What?

Way #17 When the Middle is Empty

Way #18 Brilliance and Black Holes

Way #19 The Day Danny Died

Way #20 There Are No Formulas

Way #21 Gossip

Way #22 Worth of the Individual

Way #23 Teambuilding

Way #24 Purpose and Direction

Way #25 Learning to Struggle

Way #26 Joy Robbers

Way #27 Unintentional Mentors

Way #28 Absentee Leaders

Way #29 Vision

Way #30 Why Some Things Are Secret

Way #31 Fighting the Right Battles

Way #32 Regret is a Prison

Way #33 Burning Bridges

Way #34 Motivation

Way #35 Telling the Boss "No!"

Way #36 Strategy is a Dirty Word

Way #37 Learning to Lead

Way #38 Ground Rules for Negotiating

Way #39 Developing a Motivational Climate

Way #40 Money Advice

Way #41 Nitpicking

Way #42 The Sky is Falling

Way #43 Doubt

Way #44 Sour Grapes

Way #45 The Business Purpose for Rules and Policies

Way #46 Retention Secrets

Way #47 Why Closed Paradigms are Difficult to Overcome

Way #48 Vikings

Way #49 The Problem with Too Much Hierarchy

Way #50 Behavioral Modification in the Workplace

Way #51 Assessing Intangibles

Way #52 The Magic of 32


Personal Ways

Way #A Like Your Job

Way #B Resistance to Change

Way #C Bias and Blind Spots

Way #D Managing Up

Way #E The Brass Ring

Topical Index



Leadership with Panache by Jeff Jernigan: 180 pages, softcover; ISBN 978-1-55270-081-5; published in 2001; Canadian $29.95.   


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