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Are You Ready for Information Warfare?


Security for Personal Computers, Networks 

and Telecommunication Systems

By Gregory J. Petrakis, Ph.D.



This book is an antidote against hackers and information theft that every business person should read, if they want to survive in our new information age.


The author, Gregory J. Petrakis Ph.D., is an expert in computer and telecommunications security. He is Adjunct Professor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.


Dr. Petrakis states: "The Gutenberg press has symbolically evolved into Netscape's Navigator and Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Digital data is supreme over the written word, and access to data is simple and easy to obtain. Information warfare has moved into cyberspace."

The author claims: "Information warfare is, in a general sense, the manipulation of the flow of information. Information warfare is a massive battle waged daily around the globe....Information Warfare surrounds us everyday and we fail to see it." He then talks about the enemy: "The Information Warrior has specific goals in mind at the beginning of an engagement: to steal information, modify information or destroy the informational infrastructure."

Dr. Petrakis takes a look at the conventional and unconventional weapons that are used in computer crime and then lays out the counter-attack. He examines virus protection and discusses security planning for prevention, detection, deterrence and recovery. He takes a look at computer security and safeguard techniques and then examines the whole area of telecommunications.


This book is essential reading if you use personal computers, networks or telecommunication systems. It will almost certainly keep you awake at night until you have implemented its recommendations!


Introduction: A New Age

Binary Schizophrenia

Events in Cyberspace

Chapter 1: Information Warfare

An Information Warrior

Simple and Clear Cut

Style Over Force

Chapter 2: A New Battlefield

The Internet

How the Internet Works

The Web

How The Web Works


Chapter 3: Weapons



Chapter 4: Computer Crime

Elements of Computer Crime

Understanding the Problem

How it Happens

Chapter 5: Security Hazards

Computer Security Importance

Network Security Importance

Types of Security Hazards


Chapter 6: Virus Prevention in General

User Education

Software Management

Technical Controls

General Monitoring

Contingency Planning


Chapter 7: Virus Prevention for Multi-User Computers and Associated Networks

General Policies

Technical Controls


Contingency Planning


Chapter 8: Virus Protection for Personal Computers

General Policies

Software Management

Technical Controls


Contingency Planning

Associated Network Concerns

Chapter 9: Computer Security Planning for Prevention, Detection, Deterrence and Recovery

Security Breach Detection

Avoidance of Physical Hazards

Supervision of Employees

Prevention and Deterrence

Recovery and Correction

Security System Evaluation Criteria

Contingency Plans

Chapter 10: Computer Security Safeguard Techniques

Access Control




Communications Security


Vulnerability of Computer Security Measures

Chapter 11: Internal Security Management Information System Review of the Internal Revenue Service


Investigated Data Have Limited Value


Chapter 12: Uniform Data Inquiry Technique (Audit) Retrieval

Chapter 13: Taking a Byte out of Computer Crime:

The National Information Infrastructure Protection Act of 1996 by David M. Lurie, J.D.

Chapter 14: Introduction to Telecommunications Management Strategic Operational Plans

Short Term Telecommunications Planning

Long Term Telecommunications Planning


Voice and Data




Equipment Conversions and Installations

Selection of Network Equipment

Basic Telephony

Transmission Media

Information Networking

Network Information Transmission


What in the World is a CAP

The Information Highway


Chapter 15: Current Issues in Systems Security

Data Encryption for Telecommunications

Cellular Communications

Chapter 16: The Future of Telecommunications

Paperless Offices

Personal Phones

Personal Computer Information Services

Bellcore Movie System

The Information Highway



Glossary and Abbreviations


Are You Ready for Information Warfare? Security for Personal Computers, Networks and Telecommunication Systems by Gregory J. Petrakis, Ph.D., 206 pages, softcover; ISBN 978-1-896210-94-0; published in 1998; Canadian: $34.95.   


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