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How to Deliver Excellent Customer Service

A Step-by-Step Guide for Every Business


By: Julie Olley









How to Deliver Excellent Customer Service is a pre-designed "HOW TO" workbook approach for small and home-based businesses who wish to develop, implement, analyse and follow-up customer service projects. Step-by-step "HOW TO:" ideas and sample formats are included to save you time and eliminate the guesswork when you have an idea for a project but don't know where to start. The suggestions can be used for most business sizes and types and can implemented over time as the business establishes itself.

Section One - Inventory Taking - Introduces you to customer service from the client's perspective, enabling you to assess your personal and business's strengths and weaknesses as well as your competition's.


Section Two - Getting Customer Input - Outlines in detail, step-by-step "HOW TO:" Quality Assurance projects. Example surveys, tracking formats, follow-up suggestions, information gathering guidelines and correspondence outlines are included.


Section Three - Customer Complaints - Create An Opportunity! - step-by- step complaint handling and how to keep logs for effective complaint measurement.



Author, Julie Olley, was formerly National Manager of Quality Assurance with Thomas Cook Travel, a major international travel organization. She has written numerous reports and books around the theme of customer service and has designed several curricula for The Canadian School of Management and International Business Schools. She is well qualified to show you How to Deliver Excellent Customer Service.






Section One: Inventory Taking

What is Quality Assurance?

Objectives of a Quality Assurance Program

Quality, Not Production

Quality Pays

Doing it Right the First Time

Components of Service

Do You Deliver?

Pet Peeves

What Clients Expect From You

Customers Have Three Levels of Expectations

How Do I Determine

Do We Meet Our Client's Expectations?

Prompt Service - Your Standards or Theirs?

Satisfaction Leads to Loyalty: Self-Survey



Policies and Procedures

Creating Your Own Policies and Procedures Manual

Back Office - How it Effects the Service Environment

If You Can't Make it Tangible, Add Convenience


Technology and Quality Service

Improving Your Business Technology

Service Guarantees


"Outside" Commissioned Sales Agents

Hiring "Quality Service" Staff

Service-Based Incentives



Section Two: Getting Customer Input

Quality Assurance Plan - Outline

Information Gathering

How Do We Rate? - Telephone Survey

Sample How Do We Rate? Survey

E-Mail Surveys

Lost Sale Surveys

Mystery Shopping



Account Visits

Quality Control Cards

Acknowledging Referrals

Customer Loyalty Program

Customer Suggestion Program


Section Three: Customer Complaints - Create an Opportunity!

Key Facts

Would You Rather Be Known for Doing Things Right, or Doing Things Wrong?

Procrastination Means Lost Opportunities

Complaints Offer a Second Chance: Self-Survey

Handling Complaints

Keeping Cool Under Pressure

Constructing Effective Complaint Letters to Suppliers

Complaint Letter Follow-up

Sample Letter to Supplier

What is Appropriate Compensation?

Sample Letters to Clients

Keeping Logs

Complaint Hunting

Customer Service Planning Calendar




How to Deliver Excellent Customer Service by Julie Olley: 160 pages, softcover; ISBN 978-1-55270-045-7;  published in 2000; Canadian: $26.95.   


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