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Your Guide to Canadian Export Financing

Successful Techniques for Financing Your Exports 

from Canada Revised 2020- 2021 Edition


By: Iain Williamson



Practical techniques for financing exports. Get details of 255 provincial and federal assistance programs that help you export including 689 addresses and phone numbers. The author is a consultant and entrepreneur who knows exporting. 242 pages; softcover; ISBN 978-1-55270-839-2; ISSN 1191-047X; Canadian: $69.95 MORE INFO 

Market Overseas with  

Canadian Government Help


By: Don Lunny


Finding Overseas Buyers; Meeting New Customers;

Displaying Products Abroad; Conducting Market Research

Government Assistance; Export and Import Permits

Reading to Find Markets; Export Costing/Pricing; Thinking in Global Terms; Start with North America The Bank and the Exporter;  Private Sector Financing.  68 pages; ISBN 978-0-920847-87-9; softcover: Canadian $19.95.      MORE INFO   




Reach the Global Marketplace

A Canadian Guide to Researching  

Foreign Markets and Online Sources


By: Richard B. McEachin


Advice on hiring an outside researcher. Shows you what is available online and in print. Written for both the newcomer and the experienced exporter. Author, Richard B. McEachin, is an expert with over 20 years experience in gathering and analyzing intelligence material. 193 pages; ISBN 978-0-920847-92-3; softcover: Canadian $24.95.   MORE INFO 




Two Hundred Power Strategies 

for Doing Business in Japan


By: Jonathan King


Author, Jonathan King, learned the language and worked in Japan for six years as a business consultant and director to two Japanese "Fortune 500" companies. In this book he shows you how to export your products to the heart of Asia's largest, yet toughest economic market. 119 pages, softcover, ISBN 978-1-896210-40-7; Canadian $19.95.   MORE INFO




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