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Evaluating Franchise Opportunities

By: Don Lunny











Although the success rate for franchisee-owned businesses is significantly better than for many other start-up businesses, success is not guaranteed. One of the biggest mistakes that you make is to be in a hurry to get into business. If you shortcut your evaluation of a potential business, you might neglect to consider other franchises that are more suitable for you. Don't be "pressured" into a franchise that is not right for you. Although most franchises are managed by reputable individuals, as in all industries, some are not. Also, some franchises could be poorly managed and financially weak.


This aid is designed to assist you in investigating your options. Questions needed to adequately evaluate the business, the franchisor, the franchise package, and yourself are included.



1. Investigate Before You Invest

2. What is Franchising?

3. Investigate Your Options

4. Franchise Evaluation Checklist

5. What is the Business?

6. What is The Franchise Package?

7. Personal Assessment

8. International Franchise Information

9. Canadian Franchise Association

10. European Franchise Federation

11. Latin America

12. Pacific Rim

13. Franchisor's Method of Operation

14. Advantages & Disadvantages of Franchising

15. Protection for the Franchisee

16. Two General Categories of Franchises

17. Buying a Franchise OR Starting Your Own Business

18. The Franchisor

19. Site Selection

20. Advantages

21. Narrowing The Field

22. Financing

23. The Franchise Contract

24. Where the Action Is

25. Questions You Should Ask an Operator of an Existing Franchise

26. Warning Signs

27. Multilevel Franchise VERSUS Pyramid Scheme

28. And finally, Personal Assessment

Evaluating Franchise Opportunities by Don Lunny; 75 pages; softcover; ISBN 978-0-920847-64-0; published in 1993; Canadian $19.95. 


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