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Effective Management:


Interpersonal Skills that Will  Help You Earn 

the Respect and Commitment of Employees


By: Dave Day Ph.D.








This book examines 10 key interpersonal skills of the manager.. from choosing a leadership style to the day of completing annual performance evaluations. Each chapter examines in depth the effects of the manager's actions and behaviors (intended or otherwise) with regard to each of the 10 interpersonal skills. Most importantly, a concerted effort is made to provide practical suggestions that you can use in your own efforts to increase the productivity level and commitment of your employees, both to your goals and those of the larger organization.

This book is dedicated to first line managers, especially those who are entering the ranks of management for the very first time, either as new college graduates or employees recently promoted to the position of manager. At the same time, because it addresses important basics of effective management, the book is also a valuable resource for managers at all levels who want an in-depth review of core interpersonal skills.



Dave Day holds a Ph.D. in Management and has over 35 years experience as a manager, management consultant, and college faculty member teaching Management subjects. Over the years, his primary interest has been in working with first line managers concerning the basics of effective management, such as delegation, motivation, communication skills, discipline, performance management, and other related subjects.


His timely, practitioner oriented journal articles, which have appeared in Personnel, Personnel Journal, Supervisory Management, Training & Development, Clinical Laboratory Management Review, and other related journals have been adopted by such organizations as the American Management Association and the US Office of Personnel Management.


Dave has been a visiting faculty member at the University of Lethbridge in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada and the University of Abertay Dundee in Dundee, Scotland. He is currently a Professor of Management at Columbia College.




Introduction: Roles & Interpersonal Skills of The Manager


Part I - Choosing A Leadership Style

Chapter 1: Leadership Style - Relating to the Total Work Group ("Being Respected or Accepted.. Must I Choose?")

Chapter 2: Relating to Employees 1 To 1: Avoiding the In Group-Out Group Trap ("I'll Just Ask Ellen.. I Can Always Count on Her")

Chapter 3: Gaining The Support of The Informal Group Leader ("But I Don't Need Anyone Else's Help to Do This Job")


Part II Interpersonal Skills - From Orientation and Training of New Employees to the Day of Annual Evaluation

Chapter 4: Orientation of New Employees ("I Forgot.. We DO Have a New Employee Starting to Work Today")

Chapter 5: Communication Skills ("Why Would the Employees Need to Know This?")

Chapter 6: Staff Meetings ("Why Waste My Time with Staff Meetings?")

Chapter 7: Delegating Work to Others ("If I'm in Charge Now.. Why Am I the Only One Doing Any Work?")

Chapter 8: Motivation Of Employees ("If I Praise Their Work, the Employees Will Just Start Taking Advantage of Me!")

Chapter 9: Discipline Of Employees ("Do It Again.. and I'll Pinch Your Head Off!")

Chapter 10: Performance Evaluations ("Day of Annual Evaluation: The One Day a Year When I Get a Migraine Headache and a Nauseous Feeling in My Stomach!")



Effective Management: Interpersonal Skills That Will Help You Earn the Respect and Commitment of Employees: by Dave Day, 182 pages, ISBN 978-1-896210-99-5; softcover, published in 1999; Canadian $27.95.   


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