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The Canadian Business Guide to Patents 

for Inventions and New Products

By: George Rolston







This book is essential reading for anyone involved with inventions and new products - be they researchers with multinational corporations or entrepreneurs working out of their basements. It is also written for those who advise business people and entrepreneurs, such as accountants, lawyers, consultants and government officials.


This book informs you about the key elements involved in the patent process. It will suggest ways to plan your new product development - when to search earlier patents; when to file patent applications and the vital importance of your patent filing date.


The book also covers the critical wording of patent claims; how to get the best out of your patent agent; what the patent office does for you; what to do if your patent application is rejected and when to do it. It also covers patenting in foreign countries under various different treaties. It provides suggestions on how to negotiate an advantageous license agreement and where to locate prospective licensees or manufacturers.


This book fills an urgent need for information about new product and patent procedures in North America and throughout the world. It will be invaluable to inventors; those in business, together with the professionals who provide advice to those areas.




George Rolston is an acknowledged authority on patents in North America. For over 30 years, he has been actively involved in patent and trade mark applications and searches for inventors and business people. In addition, he has presented numerous seminars on these subjects to provincial colleges and to the former Federal Business Development Bank.


He is a barrister and solicitor in the Province of Ontario and a barrister-at-law of the Middle Temple, London, England. He is a registered Patent and Trade Mark Agent in Canada, as well as being registered as a non-resident Patent Agent with the U.S. Patent Office. He is a graduate of University College, London and of Osgoode Hall, Toronto.


In this book, he shares with you, his many years of experience and knowledge involved with patents for inventions and new products.




1. A Case History, Some Successes, Your Invention

2. "Patent" Means an Official Document, What Does a Patent Give You?, Kinds of Patents, A Patent "Does Not"


3. What Is An Invention? What is a Design? What Are Trade Marks and Copyrights? "Nothings"


4. Who Grants Patents?, What Does a Patent Look Like?, Inventors - An Unusual Breed, Patents and Borders, Patents in Other Countries, The EPC Countries, The P.C.T. Countries.


5. Secrecy and Your Invention, Loss of Secrecy, Life of a Patent, Renewal Fees

6. The Purpose of Patents

7. Your Invention - Is It Patentable? Novelty, Not Obvious, Utility, Legal Ownership, Employee Inventions


8. Applying for a Patent, Searching, The Application - Declaration and Petition, Specification, Drawings, Claims, Abstract, Filing Fee, Earlier Patents Must Be Disclosed, Filing


9. After Filing, The Examination Procedure, Wording of the Claims is Vital, Publication, Length of Examination, Issue Fee and Granting, Foreign Applications, After Issue.


10. Continuing Applications (U.S. only)


11. Interference and Conflict Proceeding

12. Patent Pending Patent Marking


13. Enforcing a Patent, Expiry, Extension of Patents


14. You and the Patent Off ice, Patent Office Services, Services of Your Patent Agent


15. Infringement of Other Patents, Can You Protect Yourself Without a Patent?


16. Bringing Your Product to Market, Manufacture and Sale, Idea = Prototype, Patent Search, Market Survey, Product Design, Patent Application, Material Selection, Marketing Plan and Pricing, Business Plan and Finance, Production Engineering, Tooling, Package Design, Trade Mark Selection, Trade Mark Search and Registration, Pilot Production, Test Market, Production, Advertising and Promotion, Sales Program


17. Sale or License of a Patent, Sale, Licensing - Territory, Exclusive or Non-Exclusive, Type of Product, Product Distribution, Sub-Licences, Tooling, Infringement, Termination, Royalty Payments Clause, Minimum Royalty Clause, Improvements, Patenting Costs


18. Finding a Licensee, Locating Prospects, Large Corporations, Small Businesses, Medium Sized Companies, The Presentation, Invention Brokers


19. Information Sources, Assistance in Financing


Appendix A. - Extracts from U.S. Patent Laws


Appendix B - Extracts from Canadian Patent Laws



The Canadian Business Guide to Patents for Inventions and New Products by George Rolston: 202 pages; ISBN 978-0-920847-13-8: Softcover: Canadian $48.00.   


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