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Management During an Economic Crisis


Best Practices for Small Business

Survival in a Recession


By: Robert Papes




Best practices which are vital to every small business to help them survive the current recession because "hope" of better times is not a viable strategy. This book is all meat and potatoes with no filler.  Softcover, 182 pages, ISBN 978-1-55270-384-7; Canadian: $29.95.    MORE INFO






Quick Fixes for Business Writing:

An Eight-Step Editing Process to Find and Correct Common Readability Problems

By: Jim Taylor

Breaks down the editorial process into a series of tasks which are designed to improve the readability of the final product. It will be invaluable to you; regardless of whether you are a novice or a proficient editor. Author, Jim Taylor, has taught Eight-Step Editing for 18 years and clients for his workshops include the Editorís Association of Canada and the Ontario Cabinet office. 156 pages; ISBN 978-1-55270-252-9; Softcover: Canadian $24.95  MORE INFO 




The "Please" and "Thank You"

of Fundraising for Non-Profits:

Fifteen Essential Ingredients for Success

By: ArLyne Diamond, Ph.D.

This book will show you how to successfully raise funds for non-profits; whether you are a member of a national organization, or a small community association. The author, Dr. ArLyne Diamond has many years of experience with non-profits. 126 pages; ISBN 978-1-55270-261-1; Softcover: Canadian $24.95  MORE INFO



The Glass Slipper:

Smart Steps for Every Woman's Success in

Running Her Own Business

By: Shelley Peever and Layla Didmon

A functional business guide specifically geared toward women in small and medium sized businesses. Each chapter is an integral part of an overall guide that will assist women in gathering information to apply to businesses of their own. 124 pages; ISBN 978-1-55270-262-8; Softcover: Canadian $24.95   MORE INFO 


Global Wolves are at the Door:

Be the Future or be History

By: James Bowen, Ph.D.

In order to keep ahead of the global competition we need to thrive not just survive. This means we need metrics to evaluate our organization's capability. We need to have a framework that shows us what our organization's current ability is and how to improve it. 184 pages; ISBN 978-1-55270-254-3; Softcover: Canadian $48.95   MORE INFO 



Innovate or Perish!

Seven-Step Innovation Process to Meet the Challenges  of Globalization

By: Richard Sussman Sc.D.

A manual for small and medium sized manufacturing companies to produce new products and processes that can enhance their competitive position. The unique  Process starts with the creation of a strategic innovation plan and then provides a system to evaluate the capabilities of a company. .242 pages; ISBN 978-1-55270-253-6; Softcover: Canadian $49.95   MORE INFO


The Six Sigma Toolbox:

54 Improvement Tools and When to Use Them

By: Jerry W. Wishes

Jerry Wishes says: "In this book I provide fifty-four improvement tools. They are focused around two concepts. First, Variation is Evil. Every process has variation but the secret is to restrict it to natural causes and then use improvement tools to 'manage' the variation. Second, use of the tools is not optional. Once you embrace them, you do so forever." 306 pages; ISBN 978-1-55270-258-1; Softcover: Canadian $48.95  MORE INFO  



Quality in the 21st Century:

What You Have to Change to Stay in Business

By: Jerry W. Wishes

Jerry Wishes says: "If you don't 'get it' soon and start doing things differently, you'll be in a down-cycle and never understand why. My hope is that this book will give you some insight and a direction you can use to conquer the challenges ahead." 202  pages; ISBN 978-1-55270-259-8; Softcover: Canadian $39.95.  MORE INFO  



Seven Sigma:

The Pursuit of Perfection

By: Jerry W. Wishes

This book makes the case, through the use of a fictional business story, for the rejection of mediocrity in the corporate world. The acceptance of 'things just go wrong' is replaced with the need to raise the bar on expectations. The story takes place at a high-technology start-up. 240 pages; ISBN 978-1-55270-260-4; Softcover: Canadian $42.95  MORE INFO   



Training Your Board of Directors:

A Manual for the CEOs, Board Members, Administrators and Executives of Corporations, Associations, Non-Profit and Religious Organizations

By: ArLyne Diamond, Ph.D.

The role of the Board of Directors is critical to the health and growth of both for profit and not-for-profit organizations. This manual is designed for Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), Board Chairs, Board Directors, Administrators, Executive Directors and those contemplating serving on boards in the future. .338 pages; ISBN 978-1-55270-207-9; Softcover: Canadian $39.95  MORE INFO 


Modern Materials Management Techniques:

A Complete Guide to Help You Plan, Direct and Control the Purchase, Production, Storage and Distribution of Goods in Todayís Competitive Business Environment..... Essentials of Supply Chain Management  2nd EDITION

By: Paula Mackie

Materials management is the process in which you plan, direct and control all phases of the acquisition of goods and services; from introduction to disposal, from suppliers to end users.  398 pages, ISBN 978-1-55270-257-4 softcover,  Canadian $74.95. MORE INFO


A Street Wise Managerís Guide to Success

in the Restaurant Business

By: Matthew Lallo

You could have called this book "What they donít teach you at The Culinary Institute".  Competition is fierce and costs keep rising. This great book offers you with unorthodox (but proven) advice on the subtle art of survival. The material is arranged alphabetically. .241 pages, ISBN 978-1-55270-144-7 softcover,  Canadian $29.95.  MORE INFO


Critical Analysis in Decision-Making: 

Conventional and "Outside the Box" Approaches to Developing Solutions to Today's Business Challenges

By: James Briggs

James Briggs brought his pioneering experience creating new markets for IBM, to mentor decision-makers in Silicon Valley - working with start-ups as well as established companies. Large organizations have used this decision-making approach to capitalize on opportunities and to address challenges around the world.  234 pages, ISBN: 978-1-55270-116-4  Softcover Canadian $48.95. MORE INFO


Project Management: 

Welcome Opportunity or Awesome Burden?

By: Robert G. Edwards

This concise, how-to, self-help guide will help both aspiring and practicing project managers. Its content was developed during the author's forty-four years in professional engineering and project management. The principles and practices that he describes are based on his personal experience and can easily be applied to most simple or complex projects. 170 pages, ISBN: 978-1-55270-086-0 Softcover Canadian $26.95. MORE INFO


Business Relationships Ė Development and Maintenance 

Confederation College Entrepreneurship Series

The success of any business hinges on the effective management of three critical categories of business relationships: with its customers, with its employees, and with the individuals and organizations that supply it with essential goods and services. This book outlines the nature and role of each type of relationship, and identifies a variety of best practices and operating tools to be employed in their successful development and maintenance. 78 pages, ISBN: 978-1-55270-093-8, Softcover, Canadian $19.95. MORE INFO


Leadership with Panache

52 Ways to Set Yourself Apart as a Dynamic Manager


By: Jeff Jernigan


This book cuts to the underbelly of leadership in the modern organization. Divided into 52 "Ways" so that you can select one topic each week of the year for group discussion with your management and supervisory associates. Poses hard hitting questions for consideration. 180 pg., Softcover; ISBN 978-1-55270-081-5: Canadian $29.95.     MORE INFO    


Effective Management


Interpersonal Skills that Will Help You Earn the 

Respect and Commitment of Employees


By: Dave Day Ph.D.


Ten key interpersonal skills for the manager... from choosing a leadership style to the day of completing annual performance evaluations. Contains practical suggestions to increase the productivity and commitment of all employees.  182 pages, ISBN 978-1-896210-99-5; softcover, Canadian $27.95.    MORE INFO   


Cooperative Time Management


Get more done and have more fun!


By: Chance Massaro & Katheryn Allen-Katz

Learn how to define appropriate and important work; how to plan, schedule and defend "quality" work time and how to work effectively with other employees. 224 pages, softcover; ISBN 978-1-896210-86-5; $34.95 + $7.85 postage & handling + GST.  MORE INFO   





Common Sense Ideas To Help Your Office 

Continuously Improve


By: Jim Thompson


More ideas for everyone who works in an office: be idea-driven, reduce frustration, add value, let others benchmark you

136 pages, softcover, ISBN 978-1-55270-025-9; Canadian $24.95.   MORE INFO   



How to Use Just-in-Time Techniques 

to Streamline Your Office

By: Jim Thompson


How to foster and nurture employee involvement and put excitement back into continuous improvement. Get the tools needed to improve office productivity. Reduce employee stress and frustration, while improving productivity. Find out how this happens with employees, not to employees!  138 pages, softcover, ISBN 978-1-896210-41-4; Canadian $24.95. MORE INFO    





How to Use the Highly Effective Japanese

Concept of Kaizen to Improve Your Efficiency


By: Jim Thompson

Learn specific techniques and behaviours to improve your effectiveness. Find out about a system that has been used very effectively at the organizational level for over forty years. Author, Jim Thompson has held senior management positions with General Motors and the Walker Manufacturing Company.  146 pages, softcover, ISBN 978-1-896210-42-1; Canadian $24.95  MORE INFO   





The Old Mission Academy


A Novel of One Charter School's Experiences 

Implementing Lean Education


By: J. K. Thompson

A Novel of One Charter School's Experiences Implementing Lean Education is about more learning for less money. How to remove the waste from education using lean production business concepts. This book weaves the tale of  successes and failures in establishing a unique charter school. 206 pages; ISBN 978-1-896210-91-9; softcover: Canadian $29.95



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