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Bulletproof Salesman:

A Lively Guide to Enhance

Your Sales Techniques


By: Steven Travis Smith

& Bruce D. Seymour


Strategies to Help You Bridge the Gap Between

Textbook Training and the Real World of Selling.

Bulletproof Salesman is a humorous, yet practical guide to selling. It’s written using a tag-team approach between the authors. It explains how they’ve completely screwed-up over the years and yet survived to avoid making the same mistakes again. Readers learn from their failures as well as their victories accrued over decades of selling experience. They explain how to reach absolutely anyone, evade the traps constructed to keep salespeople out, and how to instantly detect deception during negotiations.

By integrating the pragmatic with the colourful, there’s plenty in this book to help all levels of sales professionals. No matter what your level of expertise, you’ll benefit from the technologies and straightforward techniques described in this book. The creative format engages your mind while painlessly polishing critical sales skills.

The authors are two sales veterans. Steve Smith has 15 years high-technology sales and sales management experience spanning the globe. He’s built power-house sales teams in Los Angeles that have helped launch entire industries. Bruce Seymour is a business development consultant and successful bleeding-edge entrepreneur in Connecticut. He’s also produced a number of films.



Cold Calling - Here's how to get good results when cold calling in person or by phone. A practical guide.

Know the Product - Customers don't buy what they don't understand. Make sure you're able to tell them.

The Benefits Statement - Know what your customers gain by buying from you.

Prospecting - How to generate and qualify leads. Unique techniques and sources for leads.

A Tongue Depressing Story - What's a good salesperson really worth? What do you bring to the party?

The Golden Age of Voice Mail - Turn irritating electronic obstacles into solid stepping stones.

Image - Even peacocks and Indian chiefs use plumage to identify status. Why not you?

The True Power Players - There are more undercurrents and eddies in the pool of corporate power than can be mapped on any org chart. Swim with the current for maximum advantage.

Know Your Customer - Increase sales and avoid pitfalls by getting to know your customers better.

The Meeting (Presenting) - An essential guide to conducting effective and memorable meetings.

Developing - Good account relationships don't occur instantly. They evolve.

The Numbers - Seasoned sales professionals know dollar signs follow other more critical numbers.

Trade Shows - The opening salvo in our section on trade shows.

Trade Shows, Redux - The follow-up punch in our 1-2 trade show combination.

Seize the Night - Be open to doing business whenever the mood, or opportunity, seizes you.

Drinking on the Job - A high-proof guide to after hours business meetings.

Learn From the Worst! - It may be like watching a train wreck, but paying attention to bad salespeople can teach us how to avoid their gruesome mistakes!.

The 2% Rule - Don't quit pushing when you're already 98% of the way to closing.

Knowing When To Close - Timing's everything. Wind your mental stopwatch and learn how to get it right.

Closing - Nuts & Bolts: Use these techniques to firmly secure your business. What Now?

Exit Gracefully - Take yes for an answer and leave. Now!

Travel Friction vs. Travel Fluidity - Secrets of business travel unleashed!

How to Pack in 5 Minutes - Don't sweat your next trip. Be ready to fly almost instantly.

Fast Track Through The Homeland - Breeze through airports with solid TSA tips.

The Airplane - Learn the secrets of jet travel.

The Hotel - Turn each business trip into a mini-vacation (as you excel at your job!)

The Bat-Burger & Robin Roll - A humorous trip (in more ways than one) in the world of marketing and licensing.

Home Office - Remember that your refrigerator is not your friend, and other solid advice about working from home.

Your New Best Friend - Don't become another slave drive to your computer. Get that chunk of circuitry hoofing for you instead.

Taming the Beast of All Beasts: E-mail - You're in trouble if your e-mail system is unorganized or you don't have a system

Competition - Learn your competition's best lines to gain the edge.

Know your numbers - You may not be a mathematical "Rain Man," but when you master these simple techniques other people may think so.

Convert the Stats - Gain skills to convert possible opportunities into real success stories.

Nouveau Riche is Still Riche, Baby! - The line between hard work and overwork is difficult to find. Prioritize and REALIZE your limitations to become more successful.

Reward Yourself - Don't wait for others to do it. Learn critical techniques for self-motivation.

The H-Bomb In Your Sales Arsenal - Use this simple approach to get your competitors running for the air raid shelters!

The Golden Peanut - Lies, fabrications, and dirty tricks exposed! Learn how to cope with the dark side of business ethics.

Secrecy - Salespeople have a reputation for talking incessantly. Sometimes it's better to

keep your mouth shut. An eerie story about keeping sensitive information quiet!

Richard Head - Salespeople are not door stops. Don't act like one and you'll earn more business.

Steve is Not Richard Head - Is this the business world or just a larger playground?

Sales vs. Engineering - The essence of drama is conflict. Enjoy your part in the play!

Business Development - How to foster a good relationship between Business Development and Sales.

No News is Bad News - It can be scary bearing bad news but it can be fatal not to.

Payments, Discounts, and Collections - How to approach these tricky sales details.

The Pineys - Do business the way your customers prefer (and sometimes your vendors!) Do what you can to make it easy for customers to give you their money.

Riding Herd - Bronco busting and sales management aren't all that different. Helpful advice on effective sales management.

Row, Row, Row Your Boat - Sales can be a pleasant trip. Learn how to enjoy the voyage.

Survival - First you must survive. What you must know to live long and prosper as a professional salesperson.


Bulletproof Salesman by: Steven Travis Smith & Bruce D. Seymour 231 pages, ISBN 978-1-55270-209-3 softcover; published in 2005; Canadian $29.95.   


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