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Becoming Successful!


Taking Your Home-Based

Business to a New Level


By: Don Varner








Today over 40% of all households have some form of home-based business. This figure is expected to rise to over 50% by the year 2000. There is no slowing in sight for the number of people who are venturing out and starting their own business.

If you are one of them, this book will help you undertake this great adventure. If you have a dream of a better life and don't have the knowledge to achieve this dream... this book will be invaluable.


Whether you want to own your own multi-level marketing, business, franchise or other unique business, this book is a must. Even if you are already in your own business and not realizing the expectations you dreamed about, this book will help you become more successful.



Author, Don Varner, has successfully owned and operated many businesses. He currently operates a successful home-based business and writes from first-hand experience to show you how you too can be successful. He regularly appears on television and is author of several other publications.


Don will teach you how to achieve self-improvement and self-motivation. He shows you how to handle sales rejections, how to prospect for customers and how to close sales. He shows you how to design great ads and reveals no-cost and low-cost ways to advertise.

Don shows you how to hire and recruit the right people and how to motivate them as employees. He shows you the essential management skills you will need.


Don tells you everything you need to know about "Becoming Successful!".




1 - Self - Improvement

2 - How to evoke favorable responses

3 - Personality pays

4 - Creativity

5 - Sales are more than simply words

6 - 5 Steps to your success

7 - Add - on sales

8 - Prospecting

9 - Service after the sale



10 - Learning to Discover Diamonds

11 - Creative Marketing

12 - Creating Presentations that Sell

13 - Trial Closings

14 - Self - Motivation

15 - Coping With FEAR!

16 - Handling Rejection

17 - Kinds of Buyers & How to Handle Them

18 - What Makes A Champion?



19 - Becoming Successful

20 - Creative Thinking

21 - Prospecting for Business Builders

22 - Hiring (Recruiting) Practices

23 - Managing Properly

24 - Motivating Your Workforce

25 - Growing Your Business

26 - Business Mistakes



27 - Introduction to Prospecting

28 - In-Home Parties

29 - Special Events & Booth Demonstrations

30 - Referral Prospecting

31 - Telephone Prospecting

32 - Flyers, Brochures, etc

33 - Advertising for Prospects

34 - Networking for Prospects

35 - Group Functions

36 - Fund -Raisers



37 - Introduction to Selling

38 - Sales - Cycle

39 - Successful Prospecting

40 - Cold Calling

41 - Giving Successful Presentations

42 - Handling Objections

43 - Closing Techniques

44 - Asking for Referrals

45 - Service After the Sale

46 - Troubleshooting Low Sales



47 - Defining Your Target Audience

48 - Writing Great Ad Copy

49 - Advertising Pieces

* 21 Ways to Use Direct Mail

50 - Designing Your Ads

51 - Where and When to Place Ads

52 - Advertising Strategies

53 - How to Test for Success

54 - Your Advertising Budget

55 - Low & No Cost Ways to Advertise

56 - Getting Free Publicity!

57 - Consider This!



Becoming Successful! Taking your home-based business to a new level by: Don Varner; 338 pages; ISBN 978-1-896210-87-2; softcover: published in 1998; Canadian $39.95.    



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