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The Basics for Sales Success

An Essential Guide for New Sales

Representatives, Entrepreneurs

and Business People

By: Bill Sobye








The Basics of Sales Success teaches you the essentials of selling. It is an introductory book which covers all the basic points for anyone who is new to the art of landing a sale.


In this book, you will learn how to find customers and study your prospects. It shows you how to dress and how to handle "the butterflies".


The Basics of Sales Success leads you through all the things which you should and should not do when you are face-to-face with the prospect. It shows you how to handle success as well as rejection.


It shows you what to do after a successful sale is made, to make sure that you keep the customer and develop loyalty. It also suggests what you should do if you make a mistake.


It shows you how to set goals and to separate business from pleasure. It also covers humour.


Every entrepreneur and business person who is new to selling will benefit from this book. It will also help those who intend to become sales representatives by helping them to choose a product to sell and discussing how they will get paid, as well as handling their boss and fellow employees.


Bill Sobye has spent most of his lifetime in the milk business. He was born on a farm on the escarpment in the Niagara Peninsula and started his career by delivering milk. He later became a Sales Manager where he gained twenty-eight years experience in selling.


In this book, he shares with you some of the things that he has learned through experience. He shows you what to do and what to avoid, so that you can enjoy selling as much as he did.




1) Choosing and Learning about the Product Your Selling

2) Finding Your Customers

3) Study Your Prospect

4) Dress for the Occasion

5) The Meeting

6) Butterflies

7) Your First Impression

8) Your Introduction

9) Sell Your Product

10) Be a Good Listener

11) Do Not Lie

12) Do Not Discuss Politics or Religion

13) Beware of Family or Corporate Disagreements

14) Do Not Gossip

15) Be Polite

16) Know Your Pricing Structure

17) The Presentation

18) The Summation

19) "Yes", You've Been Accepted

20) "No", You've Been Turned Down

21) The Meeting is Over

22) Keeping Your Customers

23) Service

24) Supply What You Sold

25) Do Not Be Late

26) Keep Yourself Informed

27) Everybody Has Troubles

28) Respect Your Customer

29) If You Make a Mistake

30) Customer Loyalty

31) Synopsis

32) Set Goals for Yourself

33) The Weather

34) You Must Like People

35) Separate Business from Pleasure

36) Have a Sense of Humour

37) Respect Your Fellow Employees

38) Respect Your Boss

39) Your Pay

40) Summary




The Basics for Sales Success by Bill Sobye: 157 pages; Softcover; ISBN 978-1-896210-65-0: published in 1997; Canadian $24.95     


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