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Basic Beancounting:

Learn to Ape

a Professional Bookkeeper

By: T. James Cook, CA



How this Book Will Help You

This book is intended to help non-accountants understand basic bookkeeping principles and procedures so that they can maintain a simple set of accounting records for a small business.

There are two important benefits that a business owner would receive from taking the time themselves, or having someone in their business, learn how to "do the books".

The first is a cost savings. If a professional accountant were engaged to complete the year-end financial statements and prepare tax returns, their fee would be greatly reduced if they had a complete set of books to work with rather than having to start from scratch with a pile of sales invoices and bills.

The second benefit is that by maintaining up-to-date financial records, the owner or manager of the business would be able to make better management decisions and increase the profitability of the business by increasing sales and controlling expenses.

Through his experience helping hundreds of new entrepreneurs start and run their own businesses, the author has confirmed the obvious… that bookkeeping is not at the top of the list of things new business owners want to learn, or want to do. But although it's not the most popular thing, it still needs to be done.

In this book, Basic Beancounting, Cook takes some of the mystery out of the accounting process. He explains, in a simple step-by-step fashion, the procedure for turning source documents into completed financial statements that can be used to help manage the business.

Bookkeeping follows a simple set of rules. Once you know the rules, the rest is easy.


About the Author

Jim Cook graduated as a Chartered Accountant in 1972. In addition to his accounting background, Jim is a writer and a professional speaker and seminar leader. Since 1982, through his company Access Management, he has developed and delivered hundreds of seminars and workshops to thousands of individuals on business management and personal development topics ranging from Cash Management to Stress Management, and Marketing to Managing Your Time.

He has made presentations on behalf of federal and provincial government departments, universities and colleges, major Canadian corporations, small and medium sized businesses, and numerous sessions for the general public. In addition to seminars, Jim has written a number of articles for national and provincial magazines on business management topics.

From 1993 to 1998 Jim delivered self-employment programs on behalf of Human Resources Development Canada. While providing training in business related topics such as marketing and financial management, he recognized that many would-be entrepreneurs needed help with life-skill issues before they would be able to run a successful business. To meet the need, he developed workshops on Goal Setting, Time and Stress Management, Communication and Negotiating Skills, and Keys to Self-Motivation.

His two latest books, Basic Beancounting and Gorilla Accounting take some of the mystery out of the basic bookkeeping function and explain how to use your Financial Statements as management tools.


Basic Beancounting: by T. James Cook, CA 121 pages, ISBN 978-1-55270-204-8 softcover; published in 2005; Canadian $26.95.


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