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Your Guide to Arranging 

Bank & Debt Financing 

for Your Own Business in Canada


Revised and Updated

2018 - 2019 Edition


By: Iain Williamson








This book has been completely revised and updated.

It is filled with advice and suggestions on how to successfully raise debt financing for your business. It covers 261 loan programs, sub-programs and initiatives in both the public and private sectors. It includes 593 contact addresses, phone and fax numbers together with websites, where available.

It provides you with a brief history of banking and describes the structure of the Canadian banking industry. It tells you about the types of loans which banks offer. The chapter on loan-based crowdfunding has been updated.

This 2018/2019 Edition has also been revised to cover loans and guarantees provided by the federal, provincial and territorial governments and their agencies or private sector partners. It describes loans for exporting and for businesses involved with agriculture, agrifoods, aquaculture and fisheries. It also covers micro loans and loan circles which you can access through a number of non-governmental organizations.

This book also shows you what to do before you approach your bank manager in order to present your business in the best light. It tells you how your bank manager evaluates loan applications.

Learn how to factor your accounts receivable or use chattel mortgages and real estate mortgages.

You are provided with an updated chapter on export financing. Leasing can help you reduce cash outlay and is considered as a form of debt financing. Find out the advantages and disadvantages.

Author, Iain Williamson, is an entrepreneur, business consultant and seminar leader. His views have appeared in many newspaper articles. He has also been the guest speaker on a CBC Radio phone-in show on starting a business in a recession. In addition, he has appeared on television shows such as: CBC TV’s Venture; TVO’s MoneysWorth, and Canada Tonight of BCTV and CHCH Television.

Iain spent five years as a financial analyst and knows what makes business tick. For fourteen years he operated his own businesses in importing, high technology and manufacturing. He now operates Entrepreneurial Business Consultants of Canada and also owns a book publishing business. He holds degrees from Oxford University and from St. Andrew’s, Scotland.

Iain writes from firsthand experience which he shares with you. This book is essential reading if you are seeking debt financing.



Your Guide to Arranging Bank & Debt Financing for Your Own Business in Canada: 2018-2019 Edition; by Iain Williamson; 268 pages; Softcover; ISBN 978-1-55270-799-9; ISSN 1191-0542: published in August 2018, Canadian $94.95  


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CHAPTER 1 Introduction
Debt as Opposed to Equity
Leasing as a Form of Debt Financing

CHAPTER 2 The Role of Banks
Way Back When
The First Gold Coins
The Emergence of "Modern Banking"
The Charging of Interest on Loans
The Globalization of World Banking
The Near Collapse of the World Banking System
Changes to the Regulatory Environment Which Will Affect Bank Financing
The Repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act
Dodd Frank Bill
The Volker Rule
Increased Scrutiny in the UK
Canadian Banks Relatively Unscathed
The Basel Agreements
Now that There's an Attempt to Bring Big Banks to Heel Does it Mean You Can Get a Loan More Easily?
The Banking Function
Business Financing From Banks
Financing for Established Small Businesses
Role of Banks in Small Business Financing
Over Dependence on Bank Financing
New Kids on the Banking Block
Relationship Between Small Business Owners and Their Bankers

CHAPTER 3 Structure of the Canadian Banking Industry
Central Banks
The U.S. Federal Reserve Board
The Bank of Canada
The Commercial Banking Function
Canada's Chartered Banks
Canada's Domestic Banks
Commercial Banking Units
Foreign Banks in Canada
Canadian Credit Unions & Caisses Populaires
Credit Unions to Compete with the Big Banks
Government Owned Banks
ABT Financial: 4-H Loan Program
Canadian Aboriginal and Métis Banks
Merchant Banks in Canada
Subordinate Financing
U.S. Investment Banks
Trust Companies

CHAPTER 4 Types of Loans
Types of Small Business Loans
Operating Lines
Term Loans
Floor Plan Loans
Warehouse Receipts
Overdraft Facilities
Letters of Credit
Personal Loans and Credit Cards
Commercial Mortgaging

CHAPTER 5 Loans from the Federal Government or its Agencies & Private Sector Partners
Canada Small Business Financing (CSBF) Program
Business Development Bank of Canada
Futurpreneur Canada
Western Economic Diversification Canada (WD)
FedNor (Federal Economic Development Initiative for Northern Ontario)
FedDev Ontario: Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario
Canada Economic Development (CED) for Québec Regions
Centres d'Aide aux Entreprises (CAE)
Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA)

CHAPTER 6 Loans & Loan Guarantees by Provincial/Territorial Governments or Their Agencies
Provincial Lending Institutions
Investissement Québec (IQ)
Entrepreneurship Manitoba
Manitoba: Communities Economic Development Fund (CEDF)
Saskatchewan: Northern Enterprise Fund (NEF)
Saskatchewan Indian Equity Foundation (SIEF)
Alberta: Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC)
B.C: First Citizens' Fund (FCF)
Yukon: Venture Loan Guarantee Program
Däna Näye Ventures (DNV)
N.W.T. Business Development & Investment Corporation (BDIC)
Nunavut Business Credit Corporation (NBCC)

CHAPTER 7 Other Non-conventional Loans
Nova Scotia: Small Business Loan Guarantee Program
Saint John Community Loan Fund
Société d'Investissement Jeunesse (SIJ)
Réseau Québec Community Credit (RQCC) Network
Compagnie F Entrepreneurship for Women
Fonds d'Emprunt des Laurentides
Cercles d'Emprunt de Montréal
Kahnawa:ka's Economic Development Commission
Ontario: Aboriginal Loan Guarantee Program (ALGP)
Waubetek Business Development Corporation-Term Loans
Nishnawbe Aski Development Fund (NADF)
Alterna Savings
PARO Centre for Women's Enterprise
Rise Individual Lending Program
Louis Riel Capital Corporation (L.R.C.C.)
Assiniboine Credit Union (ACU) Business and Community Financial Centre (BCFC)
Tribal Wi-Chi-Way-Win Capital Corporation (TWCC)
Saskatchewan Indian Equity Foundation (SIEF)
SaskMetis Economic Development Corporation (SMEDCO)
Clarence Campeau Development Fund (CCDF)
Le Conseil de la Coopération de la Saskatchewan
Apeetogosan Métis Development Inc.
All Nations Trust Company (ANTCO)
NWT: Arctic Co-operative Development Fund (ACDF)
Kakivak Association

CHAPTER 8 Loans for Agriculture, Agrifoods, Aquaculture & Fisheries
Farm Credit Canada (FCC)
Agricultural Credit Corporation (ACC)
Canadian Agricultural Loans Act (CALA) Program
Advance Payments Program (APP)
Farm Debt Mediation Service (FDMS)
Newfoundland & Labrador: Fisheries Loan Guarantee Program
PEI: Low Interest Loan Program for Fishers
Nova Scotia Farm Loan Board
Nova Scotia: Fisheries and Aquaculture Loan Board
New Brunswick: Department of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA)
Beef Farmers of Ontario (BFO)
Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC)
Saskatchewan Agriculture
Feeder Associations of Alberta Limited

CHAPTER 9 Preparations
Some Preliminary Steps
Preparing for a Loan Application
Discretionary Limits

CHAPTER 10 The Banker's Viewpoint
View from the Banker's Side of the Desk
Banker's Credit Review
Bankers' Favourite Financial Ratios
Banker's Assessment
The Final Steps

CHAPTER 11 The True Costs
The Costs of Borrowing
Other Services for Which Banks Charge
The Importance of Maintaining a Good Relationship
Concluding Comments on Banks

CHAPTER 12 Factoring
Factoring as a Method of Borrowing
Methods of Payment
Method of Financing
Advantages and Disadvantages
Who Can Factor
Where to Find Factors

CHAPTER 13 Loan-Based Crowdfunding
What is Crowdfunding?
What You Should Know About the Crowdfunding Loan Model
Specific Loans vs. Autolending
Crowd-Based Lending is Dependent on Prevailing Interest Rates
Types of Loan-Based Crowdfunding
Invoice-Factoring Crowdfunding
Canadian Peer-to-Peer Crowdlending Portal
Lending Loop
Lending Club

CHAPTER 14 Export Financing
Export Development Canada (EDC)
Northstar Trade Finance Inc.
Accord Financial Corp.
Camsa Inc.
National Bank of Canada: Global Trade Solutions
Desjardins: Import and Export
BNP Paribas SA
Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC)

CHAPTER 15 Leasing
What is Meant by Leasing?
The First Type of Arrangement
The Second Type of Arrangement
The Third Type of Arrangement
Maintenance and Repair
The Leasing Company's Viewpoint
Advantages of Leasing
Disadvantages of Leasing
The Lease or Purchase Decision
How to Locate Leasing Companies

CHAPTER 16 Mortgaging
Chattel Mortgaging
Commercial Real Estate Mortgages

CHAPTER 17 Planning and Financing From the Public & Private Sectors
Self-Financing and Preparations
You Have to Prepare Yourself
Ways to Raise Venture Capital
Ways to Finance Your Business By Giving Up Some of Your Ownership
Government Financing
Export Financing
Further Information









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