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An Introduction to Personal Computers

What You Need to Know to Get Up and Running



By: Stephen Belaire










My name is Stephen Belaire. My first experience with computers involved an Instructor name Mr. Stienhower, Punch Cards, and a computer language called "Assembler". I have held a few different positions in the Information Systems field, including:

  • Programmer, Network Administrator, M.I.S. Manager for a group of companies, and as an instructor at a local college.

  • I have taken 10 years of night school at a local college; received 4 certificates; 2 of which are in computers.

  • I live and breathe computers. I have taught hundreds of people how to use computers.

With all that experience I have learned quite a bit about computers and how people interact with them. Here's the skinny.


People who love computers will learn computers and will want to know everything there is to know about them. They will read hundreds of 500 page manuals to get every detail.


People who don't make a living from computers, but use computers to perform their real job, don't want to be computer experts. They don't mind taking a course or two, especially if the company will pay for it, but that's about the extent of effort they will want to put into learning computers. If your real interest lies somewhere else and the computer is just a tool for you, who can blame you.


So I wrote this book to get a person from where they are now in computer knowledge, to where they absolutely should be, in the straightest line possible. I have not spent a lot of time beefing up each subject, or stopped to look at every feature in each piece of software that is covered. I covered what you need to understand about computers, and what you need to know about each piece of software. So I don't have ask you to read a 500 page manual to get there, and I don't think it will take a major commitment of your time to get through the book. I believe that the trip will be worth it to you, and I'm pretty sure you will find that to be the case also.




The Hardware

The Monitor

The Keyboard

The Mouse

The Computer

How a Computer Works

Turning on the computer

Touring the Desktop

The Background

The Icons

The Start Menu

The Taskbar

The Start Menu


Launching an Application




Display Settings


Settings > Printers

Settings > Taskbar




Shut Down…


Cut, Copy, and Paste

The Hard Drive

Backing Up Your Files



Graphing your data.

The Internet


An Introduction to Personal Computers by Stephen Belaire: 140 pages., Softcover; ISBN 978-1-55270-078-5: published in 2001; Canadian $29.95. 



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