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How to Write a Million Dollar 

Adventure Novel


Novel Writing as a Profitable profession


By: Dr. Ray Meslul



The Author Tells You Why He Wrote this Book

When I wanted to write a bestselling novel of my own I consulted many of the popular books on writing technique and found that, although they all seemed to contain useful advice, none of them provided any proof to show that the techniques they so eloquently expounded had been used in bestsellers. This made the alarm bells go off in my head and I wondered if they were in fact giving useful advice or just passing over their own personal opinion.

So I decided that if I wanted to learn about writing a bestseller then the best thing would be to forget about the how-to books and go to the source, that is to the bestsellers themselves, and study them for clues on technique. Afterwards I compiled the results of my study as my own guidebook for writing a novel, something I could actually use and consult on a daily basis as I wrote.

The results of my analysis, the techniques I had uncovered in the bestsellers, with a lot of supporting statistics and examples from the bestsellers, are in the Explanation section in each chapter of this guidebook. But as well I had created many fill-in-the-blanks guides from these techniques to help myself or any other writer in preparing a successful novel. These fill-in-the-blanks guides are in the Exercise section of each chapter.

But, since my guidebook was meant to be a step-by-step daily guide that I could consult as I wrote a novel, all the material was naturally divided into several distinct stages or steps during the writing process. This naturally suggested an organization of the material in the book as steps and, in fact I call the chapters steps rather than the more conventional chapter. But the chapter titles, or titles to each step, are not really long enough to adequately describe what took place at each step. So I put in a "purpose" section as a sort of subtitle to the steps, to elaborate on the title of the step and explain why the step was so important.

The steps I use to organize the material in this guidebook, and the operation of writing a novel, are

Step 1: you zero in on some particular story line

Step 2: you select a setting for the story

Step 3: you plot the backbone outline for the story

Step 4: you deepen the outline and make it more interesting for the reader by adding character-related plot elements

Step 5: you expand the plot as a series of scenes and write a complete 20 to 40 page outline

Step 6: you convert the outline into scenes.

Step 7: you proofread to make sure it really is a winner

Step 8: you sell the novel to a book publisher

If you follow the steps in order and perform the exercises of each step (the part that actually gets you involved with writing your novel) then you will be able to write your own novel quickly and easily.


How to Write a Million Dollar Adventure Novel: novel writing as a profitable profession: by Dr. Ray Mesluk, 305 pages, softcover, ISBN 978-1-55270-001-3; published in 1999; Canadian $34.95.



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