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Your Guide to Starting & Self-Financing 

Your Own Business in Canada





This book shows you how to start and self-finance your own business in the digital age. What does it take to go out on your own and where can you find ideas to start your business? How about manufacturing your own products? Then, you have to find out if you can sell your products or services and if there is a market for them. Learn where to obtain the latest marketing information and how to establish your marketing strategy. This Edition has been updated and revised to reflect the many changes that have taken place in the sources of marketing and statistical information.

Find out how much capital you really need. Can your business finance itself once it is up and running? Learn how to self-finance if your business has run into trouble.

The chapters on computer hardware and software have been revised to show you how to use computers to run your business more efficiently and save time and money. The chapter on Canadian Accounting Software will help you with deal with your financials and taxes. The chapter on Customer Relationship Management will help to grow your business by communicating with your customers more effectively.

You will learn how to create your own Web site and how to sell your products online; through eBay, as an Amazon Merchant or through the electronic classifieds. In summary, this book is essential reading if you want to start and self-finance your new business and compete in the digital age.



Iain Williamson is an entrepreneur, business consultant and seminar leader. His views have appeared in many newspaper articles. He has also been the guest speaker on a CBC Radio phone-in show on starting a business in a recession. In addition, he has appeared on television shows such as: CBC TV's Venture; TVO's MoneysWorth, and Canada Tonight of BCTV and CHCH Television.

Iain spent five years as a financial analyst and knows what makes business tick. For fourteen years he operated his own businesses in importing, high technology and manufacturing. He is now a small business consultant and also owns a book publishing business.

He writes from his personal experience in the trenches, as an entrepreneur and consultant, and shares these insights with you. He holds degrees from the Universities of St. Andrew's in Scotland and Oxford in England. His book should be at the top of your must read list if you want to run your own business and compete in the digital age



Your Guide to Starting & Self-Financing Your Own Business in Canada:  Softcover; ISBN 978-1-55270-880-4;  326 pages  Cdn $84.95 




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CHAPTER 1: Your Financing Challenge


CHAPTER 2: The Entrepreneurial Revolution


CHAPTER 3: Have You Got What it Takes to Become an Entrepreneur?


CHAPTER 4: Where to Find Ideas to Start Your Business

What do People Want?


CHAPTER 5: What's Involved in Developing a New product on Your Own?


CHAPTER 6: Is There a Market for Your product or Service?


CHAPTER 7: Traditional Sources of Marketing Information


CHAPTER 8: Sources of Statistical Marketing Information


CHAPTER 9: Use the Internet to Conduct Your Market


CHAPTER 10: Develop Your Marketing Strategy


CHAPTER 11: Set Your Objectives


CHAPTER 12: Operate Your Business From Your Own Home

A Popular Idea


CHAPTER 13: Choosing the Right Computer Hardware for Your Business


CHAPTER 14: Choosing the Right Computer Software for Your Business


CHAPTER 15: Canadian Accounting and Tax Software


CHAPTER 16: Customer Relationship Management


CHAPTER 17: How to Create Your Own Business Web Site


CHAPTER 18: How to Sell Your Products Online


CHAPTER 19: Starting a Business on eBay or Sell Through Manager and Selling Manager Pro


CHAPTER 20: Identify Your Financial Requirements


CHAPTER 21: Can You Provide Your Own Capital?


CHAPTER 22: Some Sources of Support


CHAPTER 23: How to Bootstrap Your Business


CHAPTER 24: Lines of Credit and Some of the "Barriers"


CHAPTER 25: How to Manage Your Cash and Inventory


CHAPTER 26: How to Control Your Costs


CHAPTER 27: Other Factors in Bootstrapping Your Business


CHAPTER 28: Self-financing a Business in Difficulty


CHAPTER 29: Self-financing If Push Comes to Shove


CHAPTER 30: Planning and Financing From the Public & Private Sectors

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