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Salary Administration





Salary Administration Program provides the means for management to:

  • Properly analyse and evaluate positions.

  • Provide equitable and competitive remuneration.

  • Appraise individual performance in the position.

Major Benefits

  • Analysis of the responsibilities of each position, individually and in relation to other positions.

  • Proper assessment of the true worth of each position.

  • Equitable and competitive payment for each position in relation to similar positions, both locally and nationally.

  • Annual review of classifications and updating as dictated by survey, trend, demand and cost of living.

  • Review of positions where there is a change in responsibility content or for analysis and evaluation of newly created positions

  • Appraisal and evaluation of individual performance in each position.


Other Benefits

  • Better supervisory/employee communication, understanding and cooperation.

  • Financial rewarding of employees within the concepts and limits of the plan and in accordance with performance.

  • Closer budgetary control of salary costs.

  • Identification of employees best suited for promotion or transfer.

  • Indication of employees' training requirements,

  • A complete and useful personnel department file, by employee.

  • Increase in organizational effectiveness.

  • Examination and assessment of the proper position title for each position.



I - Introduction

II - Design and Installation

III - Salary Administration Committee

IV - Preliminary position Description

V - Master Position Description

VI - Evaluation Factors

VII - Evaluation

VIII - Position Evaluation Problem

IX - Salary Survey

X - Salary Curve, Classification and Pay Equity Adjustments

XI - Salary Classification Problem

XII - Performance Appraisal Plan

XIII - Performance Appraisal Evaluation

XIV - Continuity of System

Salary Administration prepared by Entrepreneurial Business Consultants of Canada; 164 pages; ISBN 978-1-55270-085-3; softcover; published in 2002; Canadian $39.95.  


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