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Marketing on a Piggy Bank Budget


How Small Businesses Can Compete

with "The Big Guys" in the Digital Age


By: Iain Williamson










This textbook contains eleven steps to help you market on a piggy bank budget.

Step I: asks how are you going to sell your product or service. Find out what marketing encompasses. Learn about distribution, pricing, packaging, merchandising and image.

Step II: will show you the importance of logistics and the product supply chain. Look at Service Chain Management in which services are offered through direct selling or through retail outlets.

Step III: will teach you about the many aspects of online marketing and the web. It reviews software to help you design your own website. It shows you how to sell online through your own store as well as some of the major hosted e-commerce solutions.

Step IV: reviews advertising and marketing techniques that you can employ without using the Internet. These include direct mail, print media, TV and radio, signage, trade shows and fairs, telemarketing and fax broadcasting. Finally, it discusses the role of the advertising agent.

Step V: talks about database marketing and how to rank your customers. Take a look at the issues around inbound and outbound marketing and the importance of testing. How to develop a marketing strategy and some software that could help you develop your marketing plan.

Step VI: shows you why advertising is a component of marketing. Why companies spend so much money on advertising and the concept of lifetime value of a customer. Identify the segments of the market that your product or service relates to.

Step VII: addresses social media and stresses that it is "social" and not "business media." It can be a great equalizer and allow you to compete with large companies. It advises caution about the costs of paid advertising. This Step reviews nine different social media platforms and let you decide whether it is worth the time to use them. Donít forget to analyse your results and prepare your social media plan. Finally, this step alerts you to some of the legal aspects of social media.

Step VIII: will alert you to some of the pitfalls in marketing and advertising including disintermediation and anti-spam legislation in both Canada and the USA. It covers do-not-call lists which apply to telemarketing and fax broadcasting as well as advertising standards.

Step IX: shows you whatís involved in a market survey and the challenges for new technologies.

Step X: provides reviews of 16 of the most important traditional sources of marketing information as well as three places where you can access statistical information. It also notes that there are huge amounts of marketing information which can be accessed on the Internet.

Step XI: shows you how to use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to nurture new sales prospects and enhance your relationships with existing customers. It also reviews seven CRM software programs.



Author, Iain Williamson, is an entrepreneur, business consultant and seminar leader. He spent five years as a financial analyst and knows what makes business tick. For fourteen years he operated his own businesses in importing, high technology and manufacturing. He now operates Entrepreneurial Business Consultants of Canada and also owns a book publishing business. He holds degrees from the University of  St. Andrewís in Scotland and from Oxford.

Iain has over 30 years experience in marketing books and other products on a small budget and he shares this knowledge with you.

Marketing on a Piggy Bank Budget: How Small Businesses can Compete with "The Big Guys" in the Digital Age: by Iain Williamson: 178 pages, softcover; ISBN 978-1-55270-792-0; published in March 2018; Canadian $39.95.   



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Step I
The Elements of Marketing

What You Will Learn in This Step

Section 1 What Marketing Encompasses

Section 2 Methods of Distribution

Section 3 Pricing

Section 4 Packaging and Merchandising

Section 5 Image



Step II

Logistics and the Supply Chain

What You Will Learn in This Step

Section 1 Logistics and the Product Supply Chain 

Section 2 Service Chain Management 



Step III

Online Marketing

What You Will Learn in This Step

Section 2 Web Design Software

Section 3 Include Links to Your Social Media Sites

Section 4 The Purchasing Funnel

Section 5 Support Your Web Advertising with Offline Advertising

Section 6 What is e-Commerce?

Section 7 Offer Alternative Ways for Your Customers to Order and Pay

Section 8 International Transactions

Section 9 Security of Transaction

Section 10 Fulfillment

Section 11 Main Types of e-Commerce Software

Section 12 Hosted e-Commerce Solutions



Step IV

Offline Marketing

What You Will Learn in This Step

Section 1 Direct Mail Advertising

Section 2 Ways to Use Direct Mail

Section 3 Direct Mail for One-on-One Advertising and Marketing

Section 4 Direct Mail Response Can Be Measured

Section 5 Direct Mail Gets Attention

Section 6 Cost Effectiveness of Direct Mail in Advertising and Marketing

Section 7 Discount Rates for Bulk Mailings

Section 8 Mailing Lists

Section 9 The Basic Ingredients of the Mailing Piece

Section 10 Using Your Word Processing Mail Merge Feature

Section 11Creating Your Direct Mail Message

Section 12 The Best Time to Mail 

Section 13 Unaddressed Bulk Mail

Section 14 Cost of the Mailing Piece Using Addressed Bulk Mail

Section 15 Testing Your Mailing Piece

Section 16 Analysing Direct Mail Response

Section 17 Print Media

Section 18 Measuring Readership

Section 19 Radio and TV

Section 20 Measuring the Number of Radio Listeners or TV Viewers

Section 21 Use Media to Get as Many "Freebies" as You Can

Section 22 Frequency When Using Print and Broadcast Media

Section 23 The Costs of Broadcast and Print Media Advertising

Section 24 Signage

Section 25 The Challenge of Measuring Exposure

Section 26 Premiums and Incentives

Section 27 Trade Shows, Fairs

Section 28 Crunch the Numbers!

Section 29 The Basics of Telephone Marketing

Section 30 Fax Broadcasting

Section 31 The Role of the Advertising Agent



Step V

Database Marketing & Your Marketing Plan

What You Will Learn in This Step

Section 1 What is Database Marketing?

Section 2 Ranking Your Customers Using the RFM Method

Section 3 Inbound and Outbound Marketing

Section 4 Testing

Section 5 Your Marketing Strategy

Section 6 Sales and Marketing Pro

Section 7 Your Marketing Plan


Step VI

Advertising & Lead Generation

What You Will Learn in This Step

Section 1 The "Blur" Between Marketing and Advertising

Section 2 What Advertising Encompasses

Section 3 The Concept of Lifetime Value of a Customer

Section 4 The Advertising Market is Not Homogeneous

Section 5 Is Your Audience Made up of Yuppies, Baby Boomers, Millennials or Gen Xers?

Section 6 "Hooks"

Section 7 Testimonials, Endorsements, Logos and Trademarks 

Section 8 Co-op Advertising 

Section 9 Creating the Message

Section 10 Delivering Your Message


Step VII

Use Social Media

What You Will Learn in This Step

Section 1 The Huge Surge in the Use of Social Media

Section 2 Caveat: Social Media is "Social" not "Business Media"

Section 3 Social Media as the Great Equalizer

Section 4 Paid Advertising on Social Media 

Section 5 Web Blogs 

Section 6 Twitter

Section 7 Facebook

Section 8 YouTube

Section 9 Snapchat 

Section 10 Instagram

Section 11 Flickr 

Section 12 Pinterest

Section 13 Linkedin 

Section 14 Donít Forget to Analyse Your Social Media Results 

Section 15 Is Social Media Worth the Time? 

Section 16 The Big Shift to Mobile 

Section 17 Creating & Incorporating Videos 

Section 18 Prepare Your Social Media Plan 

Section 19 Legal Aspects of Social Media


Topic for Discussion


Marketing & Advertising Caveats

What You Will Learn in This Step

Section 1 The Role of Disintermediation 

Section 2 Canadaís Anti-Spam Laws (CASL) 

Section 3 The US CAN-SPAM Act 

Section 4 Do-Not-Call Lists

Section 5 Advertising Standards 

Section 6 Contests 

Section 7 Get to Know Your Competition! 


Topic for Discussion

Step IX

Market Survey 

Section 1 "Gut Feel" Marketing 

Section 2 The Importance of a Market Survey



Step X

Sources of Data & Marketing Information 

What You Will Learn in This Step 

Section 1 Traditional Sources 

Section 2 The Importance of Statistical Marketing Information

Section 3 Online Sources 



Step XI
Customer Relationship Management

What You Will Learn in This Step
Section 1 What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?
Section 2 Use CRM to Nurture New Prospects
Section 3 Use CRM to Enhance Your Relationship with Existing Customers
Section 4 Act!
Section 5 Maximizer CRM 2016
Section 6 GoldMine CRM
Section 7 HubSpot CRM
Section 8 Microsoft Outlook
Section 9 Microsoft Dynamics 365
Section 10
Section 11 Keep Track of Your Mailing Lists and Orders Received
Section 12 CRM Computer Software will Enable You to Compete With "The Big Guys"


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