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Management During

an Economic Crisis

Best Practices for Small Business

Survival in a Recession

By: Robert Papes






The current economic crisis has drained the cash resources of a vast number of businesses. Management is balancing on a tight high wire; caught between falling sales on one side and tight bank credit conditions on the other. In spite of the euphoria of the stock markets and the "happy talk" from politicians, the grim reality is that the road to recovery is likely to be long and painful due to continuing high unemployment which will result in more home foreclosures and defaults in consumer debt. On top of this lurks the distinct possibility of another financial crisis brought about by the meltdown in the commercial real estate market.

This book will help business managers safely traverse the high wire by sharing the best business practices utilized by leading companies to improve their bottom lines. Most books and seminars tell them what to do. This book tells them how to do it. It shows them the procedures and tools they will need to employ.

All too often, business owners wait too long to implement action plans and programs to improve their results. Hope is not a strategy! The reason most owners delay is usually because many of the actions and programs needed are painful to implement. It is not fun to fire or lay off people; close a plant or store; renegotiate pricing with suppliers or switch them out, etc. The businesses that will survive this economic crisis are the ones which are willing to execute these difficult, painful actions. The businesses that perish will be those that are not willing to do so. The time for them to act is now!

The author, Bob Papes, has extensive experience turning businesses around. As a general manager, Bob has engineered five consecutive business turnarounds of monumental proportions. Remember, most turnarounds are unsuccessful. As a consultant, Bob has helped over sixty-five small businesses all over the country improve their bottom lines. He has learned from first hand experience, what works and what does not work. More importantly, he shares with the reader the reasons why it works and how to make it work.

Management During an Economic Crisis is the bible for businesses that are struggling to improve their bottom lines.


SECTION ONE: Assessing the Health of the Business

Chapter 1 - Determining if you need better business practices

Chapter 2 - Leading Indicators of declining profitability

Chapter 3 - What do best practices look like

SECTION TWO: Human Resource Management

Chapter 4 - Measurements/Goals

Chapter 5 - Performance Appraisals

Chapter 6 - Job Descriptions

Chapter 7 - Pay-For-Performance Program

Chapter 8 - Employee Recognition Programs

Chapter 9 - People Skills

Chapter 10 - Gain Sharing Program for hourly employees

SECTION THREE: Marketing and Sales Practices

Chapter 11 - Marketing Plan

Chapter 12 - New Business Development

Chapter 13 - Sales Management

SECTION FOUR: Operating Practices

Chapter 14 - Profit Planning/Action Plans/Flash Reports

Chapter 15 - Cash Management

Chapter 16 - Fully Burdened Labor Costs

Chapter 17 - Overhead Rates/Breakeven Point

Chapter 18 - Personal Planning

Chapter 19 - Business Unit Segmentation

Chapter 20 - Set-Up Times/Long Run versus Short Runs

Chapter 21 - Free Delivery & Minimum Order Size

Chapter 22 - Conducting Effective Meetings

SECTION FIVE: Managing Growth

Chapter 23 - The Red Zone




Management During an Economic Crisis: Best Practices for Small Business Survival in a Recession by: Robert Papes:  softcover; 169 pages; ISBN: 978-1-55270-384-7; published in January 2010;  Canadian: $29.95.  



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